Police called to disturbance in Spencers Croft

Crime / Mon 2nd May 2022 pm31 01:41pm

ESSEX Police were called at 9pm on Sunday 1 May following reports of a disturbance at Spencer’s Croft, Harlow.

Officers attended and found an injured man who was taken to hospital.

An ambulance was called after concerns for the welfare of a second man.

Officers arrested two people – a 43-year-old man and a teenager – on suspicion of GBH and possession of drugs.

A third person, a 26-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of GBH.

All three are currently in custody being questioned.

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29 Comments for Police called to disturbance in Spencers Croft:

Fed up with it
2022-05-02 18:57:13

ALWAYS the same family/house involved and now an INNOCENT elderly man has lost his life for asking them to keep the noise down. Disgusting. Lets hope justice is served properly this time.

Fed up with it
2022-05-02 19:00:44

And what exactly did you think you would gain by stabbing yourself.... trying to cry self defence was we...waste man

John web
2022-05-03 00:40:24

F****** bastard Stuart I hope you get what's f****** coming to you I hope you rot in hell your prick.

Mark Australia
2022-05-03 04:43:47

Harlow, Harlow Harlow... what can I say? Someone not long ago on here specified that Harlow is circling the drain. I say it isn’t. We’re past that. This town has now officially dropped past the u-bend. It’s high time that now, this case is used as an example - and punish those responsible. This town needs proper punishments for the crimes being committed here. For too long it’s been brushed under the carpet or ignored by the powers that be. Robert Halfon, Tony Durcan and so on. They’re not vocal about crime and punishment. Only vocal on issues that concern them. I put a call out to both gentlemen, respectfully - I might add - if you truly wish for people to put their faith in you, trust that you are the best person suited for the job - then you must, and I implore you - must - start to show an active involvement in pushing for change. For too long Harlow has been creeping down this long dark road, and I fear as of late, the past few years - it’s gone full sprint. Put your money where your mouth is. Push for change. Start removing these individuals and families that are causing a majority of the towns issues away from the town.

Fed up with it
2022-05-03 06:09:12

Well said John, you said perfectly what we are all thinking. Now lets hope none of them bother returning back to the property, especially as he was not supposed to even be in that house in the first place as per terms and conditions of his licence...Come on Essex Police don't let anymore slip through the net

2022-05-03 06:42:41

Harlow used to be a caring town. Those who find themselves housed next to some of the undesirables that have moved in, have my heart felt sympathy. No support or help from H.D.C anti social team, or the police. They enjoy esculating situations and writing lies to hide their incompetence. I was genuinely fearful for our safety towards the end, false acqusations from those employed to help, aimed at us, un- founded but netherless written. Condolences and sympathy to all involved, a lot of public servants should hang their heads in shame.

2022-05-03 07:45:14

Fed up with it.., Who was it that wasn’t meant to go back to the property? And what did he do to be put on license

John web
2022-05-03 07:54:38

You piece of s*** Stuart I hope you have a rotten life in prison and you get what you deserve you w***** you nasty nasty bastard.

John web
2022-05-03 07:57:17

My heart goes out to Barry and his family rest in peace John.

worried resident
2022-05-03 09:23:20

Reading between the lines I feel that those who needed protection have been badly let down . I have lived in this town for 60 years and the constant violence is getting worse. RIP 🙏 to the poor chap who lost his life and prayers for his family

Fed up with it
2022-05-03 09:43:55

Rose- the man as named in john webs post ( the murdering [email protected]£¥d) he had not long been back from being inside for other crimes and part of his conditions of release were that he was not meant to go back to said property....if he adhered to the terms set out this never would of happened

2022-05-03 10:31:13

RIP John, and condolences to your family. This should never of happened. What is this world coming to, and why if said person was out on license why didn't the police do a check on him entering back into the town. Spencers croft was where I used to live over 40 years ago and was such a lovely place to live.

Concerned for people
2022-05-03 13:25:50

Why didnt police do anything when he went hammering down a door pretending to be a police officer and threatening a minor again he was free to inflict more pain on innocent people vile man

Concern neighbour
2022-05-03 13:51:18

Just shows you he's f****** mental hope he rots in hell the dirty bastard I hope they make his life f****** hell in prison and he gets what he deserves horrible bastard.

Concern neighbour
2022-05-03 13:52:11

Just shows you he's f****** mental hope he rots in hell the dirty bastard I hope they make his life f****** hell in prison and he gets what he deserves horrible bastard.

2022-05-03 16:52:41

Was bought up in Harlow, married a Harlow Girl,joined RAF.ONLY been back once(1979). Going down even then, looks like it's gone.I pity the good folks trapped there

Fed up with it
2022-05-03 18:29:21

What did this person think he would achieve by stabbing himself, did he think he would get away with self defence, the poor man that lost his life was at least 30 years older than him. He should never of been released from prison not even on license, he is obviously a risk to himself and others in society to. And as such the home office should take responsibility for this ending for allowing him to be out. Where's the justice in that

Concerned for the people
2022-05-03 18:44:21

Maybe reason keeps getting away with it is coz hes turning QE otherwise why else would the scumbag still be allowed to walk streets bully people and ruin lives seems bit odd for someone on police radar and markers to keep walking free dont it

Fed up with it
2022-05-03 19:47:15

Absolutely (concerned for the people). Out on license so why wasn't he checked to see where he was, Conditions of license are you are not able to return to previous surroundings, so why was he allowed to be there. Neighbours have said the house/family have caused so many problems since being there, children are at risk, mother was involved in another incident few weeks ago too.

2022-05-03 21:10:04

They were no better in brockles Mead.

Fed up with it
2022-05-03 22:08:08

Wow (concerned) , really

2022-05-04 20:33:09

Hope he gets what he deserves in prison. So sad what happened. Those poor children I also feel sorry for. Who were the other two blokes involved.

2022-05-04 22:32:20

I live in this street and have done for most of my life, never have we had anything like this it’s upset a lot of neighbours. One man has turned a lot of families lives upside down and things will never be the same again. John was a good man and would help anyone it’s so so sad. Thinking of the family right now 😢

2022-05-05 14:46:19

So who is this Stuart ? Stuart who? and what incident was mother involved in? The children need to be protected a lot more if they are already on the at risk register. Fact he could just stroll back there and police didn’t notice.

2022-05-05 22:41:19

Penny what's it matter who Stuart is he done wrong and he needs paying for it.

2022-05-06 05:00:07

Neighbour. That’s not what Penny is asking... she’s asking who is the person who committed the offence. The name is coming from comments, not from the article. Further clarification from the police or editor is needed.

2022-05-06 21:41:22

Who was the poor victim and who are the perpetrators, no names mentioned other than Stuart whoever he is???

2022-05-06 21:43:27

No names mentioned, who was the victim and who is Stuart??

2022-05-19 18:33:26

Its Stuart's and Louise Smarts daughters that I feel sorry for. Having not just one alcoholic parent but both of them alcoholics. The girls were with Louise's friends house most weekends and half terms, they are better off without Louise as a mother. They have all been put in police protection from Stuart but infact the girls should be in protection from BOTH of their parents. Johnny should have never lost his life but then again the boys/men should not be fighting in the street regardless of the situation. They knew children were around. I suppose Louise now gets a new house and then wait for Stuart to come back and they will ruin yet another neighbourhood. BETTER OUT OF HARLOW. Johnny should have never lost his life in such a horrific way. So life for a life I should say. RIP JOHNNY

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