Man arrested after disturbance in Katherines

Crime / Sun 15th May 2022 am31 11:36am

A MAN has been arrested after reports of a disturbance in the Katherines area of Harlow.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We were called to reports at around 10.45am today (Sunday 15 May) of someone inside an address in Godfreys in Church End, Harlow with what has been described as a knife and making threats.

“Officers attended.

“A man in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and our enquiries are ongoing.”

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7 Comments for Man arrested after disturbance in Katherines:

james nicholson
2022-05-15 12:05:16

Probably a mental health problem. Essex Police, Harlow's in particular love arresting people who are having MH crises, in fact I bet they arrested a guy who should have been sectioned and taken to a place of safety. I know as I have been in a dark place and had the assholes do exactly the same to me. Can we all stop bootlicking the vile and often pisspoor excuses for officers we have please

Ann Hallybone
2022-05-15 12:43:43

Or they could have done a grand job

Derek hodge
2022-05-15 14:31:56

Mental health or not, if a vulnerable person has a dangerous weapon that makes them even more dangerous and unpredictable, the police done the right thing, people have the right to feel safe!!

2022-05-15 16:34:29

James you don't even know the facts so why make pointless assumptions, it could well be anything for all we know

2022-05-15 21:57:36

Not to sure what you mean by “mental health case”…. I live here and saw the arresting and arrival of police unfold. Four people were arrested, one woman arrested was screaming “I had to stab him”. Judging by the neighbours one of the guys living there has been very abusive and loud… it’s a sad state of affairs by all accounts and the only thing is I hope all involved are okay.

2022-05-15 22:08:01

if you look on another YH story anonymous, james seems to have a problem with the law, judging by his language on that story i would say he isnt a very stable person.

2022-05-16 06:05:59

I went to school with James Nicholson. He was always a bit of a fantasist, if it is the same one I remember...