Planning permission for Nisa shop on Potter Street refused

Business / Fri 7th Jul 2023 at 10:02am

PLANNING permission for a Nisa shop in Potter Street has been refused.

The application was heard on Wednesday night in front of the Harlow Council planning committee.

The heart of the matter was summed up by chief planning officer Gavin Cooper and seconded by the chair of planning, cllr Mike Garnett. They both said: “It is just in the wrong place”

For those who are a little confused as they are aware that the shop has been open for months, we think it goes like this.

Changing the use of 7 Potter Street from an industrial unit to a shop does not require planning permission but all that external work does. Therefore, the council decided that if planning permission for:

“External works (part implemented) consisting of partial demolition and realignment of south elevation with insertion of two new windows and new door, new sliding entrance doors and new window to west (front) elevation, internal blocking up of some windows, these works to facilitate change of use within Use Class E to a supermarket and office spaces. New side access and rear car parking area created.”

is refused, then principle of a supermarket as proposed would also be refused. And it was.

YH understands that if they had not done all the external works they could have opened a supermarket without planning permission.

In this case, the council has taken the view that the extent of the external works are such that planning permission is required for the use.

So, you may be asking, are they allowed to still open as a supermarket?

Again, YH understands that if Harlow Council serve an enforcement notice, they could continue to operate without permission until any appeal is considered which could be some time.

Our 40 minute film of the agenda item is below. You may need to turn up the sound.

There was quite number of speakers for and against the proposal.

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23 Comments for Planning permission for Nisa shop on Potter Street refused:

Guy Flegmen
2023-07-07 11:15:08

I live in this area and cannot see what the problem is. This shop is a great addition to the community in my opinion. I hope they appeal against this decision.

Mr grumpy
2023-07-07 11:16:07

Wot a load of rubbish, never any cars parked outside on road , The dustcart used to park outside when it was old factory to empty the bin , Cars coming out of shop entrance is no problem ,probably better then the entrance at mill side houses when the jaguar car just pulls out of entrance of mill side with. Looking, I think it’s more dangerous to walk pass Ken brown motors when car transporter is unloading cars and blocking pavement, have to walk in the road . Can we have a petition of people who want the shop , it’s a lot better then potter street shop , more friendly. The old David livingstone building is more dangerous cars and vans and lorry’s going in and out and overflowing rubbish bins , Also the co op maunds hatch got a shop around the corner so that’s different is it , probably more dangerous coming out of both premises there . Let’s have another petition to see how many potter street residents want the great nisa shop , oh you’re be surprised how many would be on the petition.

2023-07-07 11:34:43

They have to appeal (£) to the power hungry overlords. It's shop not a nightclub.

Gill Collins
2023-07-07 11:45:14

A petition was opposing the application was presented to the Council by almost all the residents of Oaklands Drive and Millside which are immediately next to the store. It was also signed by residents of Potter Street living opposite and Kingsdon Lane. These are the most affected by a shop open from 8:00 to 11pm seven days a week with the lights, increased traffic and noise. They lived there before the store opened and have rights. The local residents' association also opposed the project.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-07-07 12:56:17

Gill, I sat and listened to the debate on the night and comments from others and was struck by just how this shop has affected those living in homes nearby. This is a large shop with the owner looking to open a hairdressers and takeaway shop so things can only get worse with an increase in the numbers using the area. No provision has been made for the storage of rubbish and there is no separation between pedestrians and vehicles visiting the site. It may be a convenience for some but is a huge detriment to those living close by, the feelings of the latter must take precedence and I commend the Committee for making the right decision.

Mr Happy
2023-07-07 15:09:03

Gill, there must be some confusion as i live opposite the store and i have never signed anything with regards to opposing the building of the store, i opposed to the houses being built on the site that is called Millside but they were built anyway. Also the site has been a commercial site way before any of the houses were built around it.(obviously excluding the large white house in Oaklands Drive, which if you go back far enough it used to have a drive way through the shop area as it owned the site).

Nogin the nog
2023-07-07 15:47:51

Cant see nothing wrong with the shop the old factory was falling down and a eye sore it's long way back from the road it's a asset to the community

Alan Davidson
2023-07-07 16:22:47

The issue is about the residents immediately impacted. An office operating normal working hours Mon- Fri is quite different to a business open 7 days a week until 11 pm. The traffic, noise and lights, etc cause serious inconvenience to neighbours whose homes are literally a few yards away. The interests of these residents must come first.

Annabelle Lancaster
2023-07-07 19:40:18

It’s a great shop - with a great range of products -you don’t need a designated bin area - a wheelie bin can be placed outside any unit - parking isn’t a problem - I think it’s a great handy shop to use and no offence to premier up the road but I would choose to shop at nisa every time

2023-07-07 20:36:47

It's a great shop seems a bit weird it opened before it was given planning permission though??

George Dawkins
2023-07-07 23:05:30

Just look back at the history of potter street and see how many shops was along that stretch of road years ago , 3 bakers 2 butchers and loads more , Most of these old houses along potter street was old shops . This shop is very good for us old people, just what the village needed .

2023-07-07 23:12:05

Mr Happy talks sense. Are people aware that as well as the glassworks, the building housed a music rehearsal and recording studio? This was all in place long before those houses were built right up next to it. Buy one of those and expect some activity next door.

Robert Davis
2023-07-08 05:00:56

Can't hear the sound

2023-07-08 05:26:14

George, back in the day the shops you described weren’t open until 11pm and were also probably shut on a Sunday. This is very far from that scenario.

Charlotte J
2023-07-08 05:33:51

Would be interesting to see if environmental health and the health and safety reps are aware that they cladded over an asbestos roof and are selling food items in a building full of asbestos!

2023-07-08 05:38:23

The owners were obviously poorly advised and seem to think the external works were a sure thing but you can clearly see that they don’t have a clue regarding planning permission considering they withdrew and amended the plans multiple times and they still aren’t good enough! If it had all been done properly and by the book I’m sure the surrounding residents wouldn’t be objecting as much!

2023-07-08 07:36:59

it’s crazy to think people literally have no life but to pay people money to object against the Nisa. This man who claims he’s been in ‘hell’ for the last couple of month because of the shop has completely lost it. He doesn’t live in the house he’s using to object against with, he lives abroad for 8months throughout the year. About the planning permission this man is the same man who built 6 houses around were he lives and then went ahead to apply for a planning permission from the council. He then was refused couple times and then managed to get his way. The man against the application has no right or say in anything, if anything he’s a racist man who just wanted to buy the land in the first place. Once again please get a life your nearly 60 no????

2023-07-08 08:32:24

Might aswell shut every shop in a residential area then, love this shop and have never been asked my opinion.

2023-07-08 09:14:18

It's relatively easy to impose restrictions re light and noise to come to an equitable arrangement with neighbours. By operating the shop has demonstrated it's a valued asset to the community. Leyla's information probably wasn't taken into account but motives of objectors seem to be very relevant here. There's many areas in Harlow where local corner shops close to homes work really well with the community, Councillors need to take a more considered view.

Penny F
2023-07-08 09:59:59

Leyla, I think you’re very confused. The people that objected haven’t pay a penny to fight this! If you had bothered to read or watch the article you’ll also find that all the people objecting are women. Not sure where you got “the man” from either, all you’re listening to are rumours and lies. Maybe get your facts straight first. Same with the racism card everyone seems to be pulling now. Show some proof of that and maybe someone will listen to you…

Karen Findley
2023-07-08 11:25:59

It is people like Leyla who jump in without using their brain and make wild, unsubstantiated accusations that add little to what should be a legitimate debate. Clearly, educational levels have fallen over the past 25 years or so. Too many fail the grasp the distinction between new founded personal convenience and existing resident amenity. If they actually troubled the familiarise themselves with the basic tenets of Planning Laws and Regulations, they might conclude that this is not about the shop per se, but rather how it impacts adversely on the amenity of the residents in the immediate vicinity. That is the paramount point within the deliberations of the Planning Committee. It really is not that complex.

2023-07-08 16:55:08

Hi Penny F i’m assuming this is Luke. The man i’m talking about is the neighbour that lives right next to the shop and has a mouth full to say, but only had his wife attend the committee and speak. This man that calms he has many issues regarding the shop doesn’t seem to show his face but loves to hide behind the screen and take the piss. He also claims that people are ‘ bullying’ him but yet he’s the head of everything, taking the piss out of a car you really must be low in life dude. This man once again is just coming out with any excuse he could possibly use to shut down the place for example his mental health, how do you think the shop owners feel with so much hatred there receiving for ‘this man’ or the pressure of having your business taken away, did you sit down and comprehend any of that. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and act how every they like, but coming with such hate and not even trying to compromise just goes to show this man has no life, nothing better to do but spend money on closing this business. He can keep trying though, Nisa has a strong community behind them. Go spend your money on something else maté seriously.

2023-07-08 17:50:06

Karen babe no one’s talking to you, ain’t we all trying to get out options across??? Clearly you lack some knowledge. Do some more research into what your defending and who your defending and then we shall speak again hopefully 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂