Harlow MP Robert Halfon: “Israel has the right to defend itself against the attacks of Hamas”

News / Mon 30th Oct 2023 at 11:56am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has issued a number of statements in relation to the situation in Israel.

He was interviewed by LBC’s Nick Ferrari (see below).

“It is a battle between a good state and a terrorist organisation”

As the Minister for Higher Education, he has also written to universities to ensure that any instances of antisemitism on campuses across the country are dealt with quickly and effectively”.

Full details below.

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10 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon: “Israel has the right to defend itself against the attacks of Hamas”:

2023-10-30 12:54:04

On this is he absolutely correct, Israel was attacked it has every right to destroy Hamas and its supporters and backers

2023-10-30 13:00:15

Rob is correct, just like ISIS or Al Queada terrorist organisations need to be wiped out

2023-10-30 15:07:44

Agree fully with RH

Luke Burton
2023-10-30 19:14:40

I agree with Halfon here - although I'm not seeing much effort with regards to things he actually has control and influence over e.g. the fiasco of the SFG College building caused by him and his department.

Mr Grumpy
2023-10-30 20:41:21

As with all conflicts, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. I am on the side of the innocent people caught up in this, both Israelie and Palistinians. Whilst I don't condone the methods of Hamas, I also don't agree with the decades of oppression of the Palistinians by the Israelie government. You could say that the actions by Hamas are one of desperation since no-one is listening to the plight of Palestine.

Mr Grumpy
2023-10-30 20:44:09

Just an extra thought here. Does the world consider the French Resistance of WW2 to be terrorists?

James Leppard
2023-10-30 21:45:45

Israel is the only functioning democracy on and otherwise blighted region. Hamas has not held elections since it came to power in Gaza in 2006. The highly reputable 'Economist Intelligence Unit - Democracy Index' used by many governments, institutions, academics and businesses classifies the world's 167 states and territories using a comprehensive matrix. The 2022 classification shows as follows, in descending order: UK - 18 Israel - 29 Belgium -32 France -38 Any classification over 108 is deemed Authoritarian, undemocratic and basically dysfunctional with scant regard to basic human liberties and human rights. The following fall within this category: Palestine Egypt Jordan Lebanon Iraq Iran Saudi Arabia Syria Yemen. Says it all.

2023-10-30 22:41:51

Looks like Andy and Marianne are the same person ? Anonymous - lets be honest Hamas / PLO / Hezbollah are murders and terrorists. Hamas etc could put down thier weapons an there would be peace, if Israel put down its weapons there would be a slaughtered by Hamas etc. Israel perfect no, no country is (god knows the UK is cesspit of political corruption its just better hidden) However, only one side of the conflict teaches children to grow up to be martyrs and it is not Israel.

Guy Flegman
2023-10-31 08:54:15

All I know is some 10000 people have been killed on both sides and very few of the dead are combatants. In fact it seems to me that the killing of combatants by both sides are collateral damage rather than the target.

2023-10-31 09:07:37

Defend itself on their own land, maybe... but not on land they have stolen from Palestine?? What do they expect but Palestine to defend itself also? It is a vicious circle and only the innocent suffer. The Israeli Gov created the evil Hamas/PLO/Hezbollah etc. by being imperialist, if they go back to the UN agreements on territory in 1947 or even 1967 then there would be peace no? But Israel wants more and more land they do not own, then cry when that land is defended. Israel stick to your own borders for once then you will have less issues I'm sure.