Letter to the Editor: UKIP candidates thank residents for their votes

Your Say / Thu 9th May 2024 at 09:46am

Dear Sir,

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the people who voted UKIP last Thursday in the Local Elections. I am sure to many it was a surprise to see us back after five years away from the ballot paper in Harlow. Later on in this letter I will explain why.

Dan Long and I thank you for putting your faith in us, and our percentage vote shares were a great start as we rebuild. Dan polled 8.2% in Bush Fair and I polled 11.2% in Mark Hall, beating the Liberal Democrats in both cases and close behind the Greens. In fact in the County Council By Election Dan came third, beating the Greens too.

I am also very pleased that my result in Mark Hall was up to 11.2%, beating the 8.5% I achieved last year when I was representing Reform UK.

I would also like to apologise to those in the other 9 wards across Harlow who did not have a UKIP candidate to vote for, but you can rest assured we will put that right in the coming years.

As we come up to a General Election, it is worth noting that Martin Harvey achieved 16% in Nazeing, part of the Parliamentary Consituency. You can be sure we will be on the ballot paper in that!

People will also be wondering what has happened to Reform UK and why they did not have a single candidate in Harlow, letting their supporters down. The truth is Martin, Dan and I have spent a year trying to work with them for this Local Election and to provide a team of candidates. We tried everything, and in the end concluded they were neither serious, nor interested in Harlow at all, and brought back Harlow UKIP in February. Sadly, this made creating a larger team of candidates in the time available impossible. These results prove how right we were in the decision we made!

I hope those who watched the Your Harlow Hustings see that we have  a lot to offer, and you will be hearing regularly from us in the coming months. We will also be holding the Council Administration and the Opposition to account in the interests of you, the People of Harlow. The People’s Party really are back! Please feel free to get in touch!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Gough


Harlow UKIP 

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19 Comments for Letter to the Editor: UKIP candidates thank residents for their votes:

2024-05-09 14:56:15

Very long winded way of saying you came second from last

2024-05-09 16:26:13

Bizarre. Across all England and Wales on May 2nd, counting all 2,800+ elections ignoring parish & town councillor ones, UKIP contested a mere 17. Here are its results: - Six LAST PLACES (Broxbourne BC, Dorset CC x 3, Epping Forest DC, Warwick DC) - Ten SECOND-LAST PLACES (Bolton DC, Broxbourne BC, Elmbridge BC, Harlow DC x 2, Keighley DC, Sandwell DC, Tamworth BC x 2, Worcester City C) One THIRD-LAST PLACE (Essex CC) How perfectly embarrassing, and you draw attention to it! Surely more appropriate would have been "Sorry, and good-bye for good."

Mark Gough
2024-05-09 16:43:50

How very vitriolic! Don't point out the third in the County By Election was out of five. Notice all five Liberal Democrats came last in Harlow and I don't see anyone attacking them? Or asking them to disappear? Also we have an agreement with the English Democrats, so add them to the list of candidates! I don't see any comments on the total lack of candidates whatsoever from Reform UK. Clearly someone has had their chain rattled! Excellent!!! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

2024-05-09 17:34:05

Only one comment coming across as rattled. The other parties mentioned are just as insignificant but they aren't here giving themselves a pat on the back for losing.

David Forman
2024-05-09 18:47:49

Nice to see Mark Gough saying: "We will also be holding the Council Administration and the Opposition to account..." Well, someone has to hold the Conservative administration to account.

2024-05-09 19:04:17

@2024-05-09 16:43:50 (O)MG, you're a glutton for punishment! You want to include the English Democrats (ED) too? Two of the 16 UKIP candidates (one stood twice, so 17 elections) in my earlier comment stood on a joint UKIP+ED ticket. Additionally, there were five ED candidates in 6 contests. Here are their even more miserable results: - Three LAST PLACES (Bury C x 2, Essex PFCC) - One SECOND-LAST PLACE (Barnsley MBC) - Two THIRD-LAST PLACES (Barnsley MBC, Essex CC) So, even lumping UKIP & ED together, they managed to contest only 0.08% of elections held, and in all but three UKIP/ED finished LAST or SECOND-LAST. But while you are here, Mark, please explain why your party's Bossman is a criminal with five convictions who made a fraudulent application to be a magistrate and got kicked out and is allegedly rigging an election here https://tinyurl.com/goughers and is allegedly a money-grabbing sex pest too https://tinyurl.com/goughery Or didn't you know?

Sven botman
2024-05-09 20:08:02

Stop the boats

2024-05-09 21:01:43

@Sven botman :-) But I agree, THE BOATS MUST BE STOPPED, but UKIP is most certainly not going to stop them! UKIP is an Establishment Shill Party, carrying on, not very convincingly, the deception that it is radical and has any link to the old UKIP of Farage, Batten etc. Now its fake leadership election is decided, it will be run by three disgraced Tories: Chair Ben Walker takes all the money that comes in from legacies etc, now he'll share some with his old mate New Dear Leader William Etheridge. In the background is Life President Mr CashForQuestions Neil Hamilton. The Tories encourage this to take the wind out of Reform's sails and confuse voters. Simpletons like Gough are "Useful Idiots" whose sincere activities help maintain appearances of legitimate UKIP political activity. With their reading ages of about ten years, they can't grasp they are being used; UKIP's is kept alive so when Wills get contested they can present the Judge with evidence the party still has need for money. Ironic that all Gough's own great heroes, Akkad Sargon, Gerard Batten, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson would tell him exactly the same thing as I have, that UKIP is run by corrupt pirates, crooks and bullies, and their dirty lawyers. However I don't argue with imbeciles and waiting for the light to penetrate the thick skulls of Harlow UKIP would be like waiting for Godot. So VOTE REFORM where you can, where you can't, vote CON. Save UKIP for laughs. I gave links in my last comment post which brook no argument. If you need more evidence use google news.

Mark Gough
2024-05-09 23:48:55

Vote Reform? You clearly know nothing about anything with that comment. Sacking Candidates based on the say so of Hope Not Hate! Clearly you know nothing about me at all or our Party. You just mention "allegedlies!" Nor am I patting myself on the back - I'm thanking our voters as others do! I have two Science Degrees - so I am far from a simpleton. Try putting your surname up and showing who you really are? Or are you scared of something? Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

2024-05-10 07:25:53

So much fun when the extreme right-wingers turn on each other, rats in a sack!

David Forman
2024-05-10 09:25:05

Mark Gough is still site about what Hope Not Hate did go UKIP in 2016. You need to move on Mark.

David Forman
2024-05-10 09:25:56

Sorry, should have been still sore.

2024-05-10 09:29:36

AB, it's even more fun to PRETEND to be one of them.... This Mark Gough is so deliciously stupid, with his fantasies of armies of UKIP supporters in Harlow but finishing at the bottom in the poll, it's irresistible! Trying to educate him (MG: You just mention "allegedlies!" (sic)) is like picking one's nose, one knows it's a bad habit, but. Allowing that my estimate that his reading comprehension as that of the average ten-year-old child was wildly optimistic, surely following the links I gave proving that "his" party is run by a gang of crooks, including a convicted fraudster, whose only interest is lining their own pockets with legacies which are diverted away from UKIP, would penetrate his skull. (=: No such luck. UKIP's own Deputy Leader resigned in February and you can read her own tweet https://tinyurl.com/goughery saying all the same things and also the sexual degradation.... While UKIP Harlow is famed for the interlickchewall night security porter, UKIP Bradford's sole member is their local election candidate, one of their 16 nationwide included above, who is a supermarket trolley-pusher "urging his followers to prepare for war with 'death jab agents'" and, while claiming to be a Buddhist, accusing King Charles, The Pope and Dalai Lama of being Satanists! In 2022 this Leo Robinson published "Be prepared to kill any agent who tries to force you go into some camp […] have a means to privately contact allies and friends, hopefully collab and hunt down or chase off other death jab agents. In a riot situation only kill the commander of riot police definitely never the rank and file. If UN troops come onto UK streets plan and coordinate killing them off one by one. Ideally as a Sniper.” Useful Idiot Gough's Party Comrade, lol & hahaha.

2024-05-10 09:39:34

Oh, UKIP's Leo Robinson is an immigrant from For Britain but has probably now left UKIP upon hearing that his former Party's Leader Anne Marie Waters has dropped UKIP in disgust, yes it's that bad! Not that Leo made waves in Bradford. Almost 6,000 votes were cast in Craven Ward, but UKIP got only 110 of them, not even 2%. He'll have to fall back to his frustrated fantasies of "sniping" enemy and "UN" "agents", "killing them off one by one". And he passed UKIP "vetting", hahaha & lol. By those standards, Gough's not that bad. Any rape jokes to share or justify? (=:

2024-05-10 12:52:08

The Brexit Now Party or whatever they call themselves these days should be ashamed of what they did to British politics. Good riddance.

Call me Dave REDACTED
2024-05-10 18:51:23

I think the comedian Mark Gough has left the building. I'm sure he's a nice chap but fearfully naive, like Martin Harvey who was announcing Ukip's triumphant return in these elections. How did they go, Martin (wink)? Ukip's a busted flush because voters knows the sordid goings-on at its top table. It doesn't matter if there are a few true believers left, closing their eyes to the proof; Harlow appears to be the last holdout of the deluded. I'll redact my surname if it's ok with you because I don't want the Ukip SNIPER from Bradford showing up, convinced those exposing Ukip's Legacies scam must be either (i) a "jab agents" (ii) "UN troops" or (iii) the Dalai Lama, and do need to be killed off, one by one. ROTFL @ loonies!

Dan Long
2024-05-12 08:12:56

Well said Mark. Thank you to all of the residents who voted us in these local and county elections. Despite that we,UKIP Harlow only got up and running again since February,we both done really well with the percentage of votes we received. Once again,thank you to everyone who put the trust and faith in us.

Jodi Jedi
2024-05-12 10:01:38

Ah, the other half of the comic act waltzes in, don't you guys have any shame? Quoting from the above letter, "Dan polled 8.2% in Bush Fair and I polled 11.2% in Mark Hall. - Mark Gough, Leader, Harlow UKIP". Let us check out those fresh UKIP claims, shall we? On 2 May 2024 each ward election had eleven candidates for its three seats. The council put the official results here - https://www.harlow.gov.uk/voting-and-elections/latest-election-news Summarising: _______ BUSH FAIR. Total valid votes cast: 4,755. Daniel Long (UKIP): 141 votes. Percentage: 2.97%, and *N*O*T* the "8.2%" as falsely claimed above by UKIP. _______ MARK HALL. Total valid votes cast: 4,307. Mar Gough (UKIP): 184 votes. Percentage: 4.27%, and *N*O*T* the "11.2%" as falsely claimed above by UKIP. _______ Oh, I read above Mark Gough also claimed "I have two Science Degrees". (2024-05-09 23:48:55). Yes, we can see that from your skill at arithmetic, Mark.... ROFL! Also, each of you had finished tenth out of eleven candidates, hardly stellar. I'm surprised Mark even dared to mention the other contest in which you stood, the Essex County Council By Election for Harlow S.E., where despite there being only four others, you got only 6.27% (259 out of 4,130 valid votes cast, https://www.essex.gov.uk/news/2024/harlow-south-east-election-result). Don't you shower have any shame?

Call me Dave REDACTED
2024-05-12 11:39:41

Timely reminder, JJ - worthwhile checking out any objective Ukip claim for likely fibs or spin. Maybe he thinks that because the number of valid ballot papers in the wards were about 1720 and 1640, it justifies his numbers? But then the total percentages for the Bush candidates would be 4755/1720 ie 276% and in Hall 4307/1640 ie 263% which is industrial grade B.S.. Mark Gough or Mark's Guff? Wonder what were his "two Science" Degreasers..........