Athletics: Mob no match for Harlow runners

Athletics / Fri 26th Jul 2013 am31 09:14am

Harlow Running Club members competed in the Midweek League Road Race Mob Match, a race involving runners from both divisions of the league, over a hilly multi-terrain 9K course in Trent Park in North London.

First to finish was Lyndon Cooper in 16th place out of 202 finishers in an excellent 34min 07sec. He was followed home by Rob Lowe (25th) in 35min, Jamie Jephcott (37th) in 36min 10sec and Steve Mackenzie (41st) in 36min 31sec. John Tennant (87th) was 3rd Vet 60 in 39min 44sec.

First Harlow lady was Sharon Wright in 21st place out of 125 finishers in a superb 42min 50sec. She was followed by Katherine Ridge (42nd) in 46min 47sec and Anita Vaz (57th) in 49min 07sec.

After the race there was a Midweek League presentation ceremony and despite HRC only finishing 4th in their division they still managed to pick up five individual and one team award. Rob Lowe, Steve Mackenzie and John Tennant were winners in the Vet 40, Vet 50 and Vet 60 categories respectively and Roy Steven was 2nd Vet 60, and HRC men were the Vet League champions. Julia Gardiner was runner up in the ladies senior category.

Full Results
16th Lyndon Cooper 34.07
25th Rob Lowe 35.00
37th Jamie Jephcott 36.10
41st Steve Mackenzie 36.31
44th Adrian Fell 36.59
58th Daniel Jephcott 38.06
79th Frank Pardoe 39.21
87th John Tennant 39.44 3rd V60
93rd Steve Ambrose 40.04
102nd Richard Solomons 40.43
103rd John Bull 40.44
106th Justin Patten 40.51
112 Roy Steven 41.31
122nd Peter Ayling 43.05
144th Mark Hayward 45.10
149th Andy Ramage 45.48
153rd Robin Lozeau 46.02
168th David Page 48.39

21st Sharon Wright 42.50
42nd Catherine Ridge 46.47
57th Anita Vaz 49.07
61st Odette Galea 49.43
68th Claire Adams 50.34
69th Paula Coleman 51.00
81st Joy Hale 53.02
86th Michelle Aitken 54.23
97th Karen Moir 54.59
101st Alison Bull 55.37
102nd Julia Galea 55.53

At the Chelmsford Parkrun 5K on Saturday Roy Steven finished in 41st
place out of 213 finishers and 1st Vet 60 in a superb 21min 12 sec. He
was followed home by Dave Page (96th) in 24min 20sec and Janice Page
(101st) 1st Vet 50 lady in an excellent personal best time for the
distance of 24min 39sec.

At the Gunpowder Parkrun 5K at Waltham Abbey Andy Terrell finished in
3rd place out of 91 finishers in an excellent 20min 19sec. He was
followed home by John Bull (13th) in 21min 44sec, Alison Bull (48th)
in 28min 28sec, Laura Seaward (55th) in 30min 22sec and Vicky Calver
(80th) in 33min 57sec.

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