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Holly Reijs

AT around five to eleven on Friday night, Rock ‘n’ Rollers; The Lady Killers took the to the stage at The Square in Harlow in all their glory. The applause they received as soon as they interacted with the audience was outstanding; I’ve never heard a room scream so loud.

As soon as you looked to the stage, you see five smartly dressed men in black shirts with black and red ties with black trousers doing what they do best, playing their music to a packed out room of over 60 people very enthusiastically. A lot of different lighting effects shined over The Lady Killers in all different colours, giving a bright, fun atmosphere towards the audience.

Even though the stage at The Square is quite small and compact, the five guys didn’t seem to care. There was still enough room for them all to jump around. Looking around the room, there was not a single person standing still. Feet were tapping, heads were bobbing, a lot of the older crowd who were watching were embarrassingly dancing along, but they just didn’t seem to care which was good to see.

Every single lyric that front man Luke Baker sung you could hear how passionate he was about his music. Most of the time that he was singing his eyes were closed, you could just tell how dedicated and proud he was to be on that stage, singing his heart out and the audience were loving every second of it. Seeing the previous two support bands sticking around watching The Lady Killers was great to see, normally they all disappear and do their own thing.

The one thing that was hard to hear throughout the gig was knowing what song was what. Just for the pure fact that the audience were cheering so loud and for so long after every song that was performed, it was hard to hear Luke pronounce what song they were going to play next. The audience were just so wild!

Good eye contact was used from the whole band, engaging with the audience is always a big thing but the confidence from all the band members was there without a doubt.
I recommend you going to see The Lady Killers when they are next in town, you are sure to have an immense, enjoyable night with them!

After the gig I met with Ladykillers front man Luke Baker to talk about the Harlow music scene.

What was it like growing up in Harlow?

‘I guess it was fairly average but we were lucky that we were able to have a place like The Square as the thing that was dear to us all – the focal point of all that was creative in the town. It was a good time to be a teenager.’

What do you think of the Harlow music scene these days?

‘I’m sure there is a ‘scene’ in Harlow but it’s not something we’re a part of or familiar with. In a town like Harlow, being part of something like that is important when you’re young but once you’re old enough then there’s London on your doorstep where it’s the bands and scenes are vaster.’

If you could change one thing about Harlow music wise, what would it be?

‘It does feel like a few years ago there was more of a pro-active interest in live music. Everyone was in bands. I hope that is still true amongst the younger generation.

How do you feel the gig went tonight?

‘It went great and it is always nice to play at The Square. We’ve all played here a thousand times as The Lady Killers as well as in other bands so it’s always good to come home. It always handy to be joined on the bill by friends – Jonny Cola & The A-Grades and Los Pepes – both are two of London’s best bands right now.’

Are you playing any other gigs this year? If so where will you be performing?

‘We are about here, there and everywhere. Gigs get added all the time so it’s best to keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Next local gig is 21st September at The Half Moon in Bishops Stortford.’

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