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ONCE again, we dip into Old Harlow resident, Rob Tyler and his journey as a stay at home dad.

WELL, Poppy started this week where she left off previously with asking a nice quiet girl why she has metal in her mouth and as we were leaving the shop Poppy decided to shout ‘’bye teeth hope you get better” poor girl must have been very embarrassed.

I have no idea why so many toilet incidents seem to happen to my family. One morning this week Poppy had a sore belly and was being a little more quiet than usual so I knew something wasn’t quite right with her. I set up the building bricks for her to play with then went into the kitchen to try to give it a quick clean. When I was nearly finished it was all silent and every parent knows silence is never a good thing when children are involved.

When I walked in the front room Poppy just stared at me with a sad face when I approached her to find out what was wrong I already knew before I got there as a very unpleasant smell filled my nostrils. So, I picked her up with outstretched arms and hosed her down in the bath much to Poppy’s delight. I made my way back to the spot where Poppy unleashed Hell on my carpet armed with a bright yellow glove, and every cleaning product you can think of. Throughout the rest of that day I was taking her to the toilet every twenty minutes getting through most of my toilet paper in the process.

Once the wife got home from work I opened the front door ready to explain what had happened and she just ran straight past me towards the toilet so it looks like this stomach bug got to Sarah too. A few seconds later I heard her say there’s no more toilet paper. I suggested I do a quick shop to stock up on supplies and said I’ll be back in ten minutes. Once I arrived at the shop they had run out of the small four pack of toilet rolls, but had a twelve pack on offer so I went with that.

I asked a shop assistant if they had any Imodium and once I found some they were very expensive I was having second thoughts about buying them and just asking Sarah to soldier on, but I picked them up anyway. I arrived at the checkouts with the biggest pack of toilet rolls you have ever seen and a box of Imodium. It must have been a very funny sight. Like I have said previously its a good job I don’t really get embarrassed. (I let the wife know exactly how much they cost so she would be very grateful)

Ruby got her school report through this week that I was very pleased with. Ruby is the kind of girl that will pretend to be a teacher when she gets home lining up all her teddy’s at the foot of her bed taking the register. She has improved so much with her reading and spelling (well done Ruby Daddy’s very proud of you) I also had her Parents evening that week too.

As I was speaking to her teacher about how she was getting on in school specifically on the areas for improvement it sounded very similar to my own things I struggled with as a child I found a little comfort in that and an eagerness to help my little girl improve on the things her daddy found difficult twenty years previous.

We decided to visit our local museum on the weekend which I have never visited in the 30 years I have lived in this town. When we arrived there they had explorer hats and torches for the children to use as it was a little dark. Poppy in particular was very excited I was trying my very best to explain to her that being in a museum is much like visiting a library you must be quiet, but she didn’t understand what I was saying instead jumping up on some of the displays and touching the first ever bikes that were made.

I had visions of poppy riding out of the museum on a penny farthing and her daddy being handed a huge bill for the damaged caused, but luckily no harm was caused and we spent a few more hours in the beautifully kept gardens where both girls let off a little steam while mummy and daddy sat quietly on the bench (but it didn’t last for long)

I had a very interesting week how was yours? Have you had any similar experiences? I would love to read about them in the comments below thank you for reading.

Until next week……

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