Nishall’s Blog: Have you ever you wondered how certain people have gotten so successful?

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Have you ever you wondered how certain people have gotten so successful?

Sure you have.

A great idea, motivation, persistence, and a little luck helps, but most successful people share certain habits.

Here are nine habits that have helped place them on the top:

1. They meditate.

Taking care of your body and mind by relaxing, exercising, healthy eating and getting enough sleep are all ways to improve your chances of success.

2. They wake up early.

How has this contributed to their success? Because early risers are able to start their days ahead of everyone else by responding to others, exercising, and finding personal time, they also tend to be happier and are more proactive.

3. They network.

Successful people realize the importance of networking. In fact, research has found that networking can lead to people performing better at work and increases the chance of landing a job.

4. They keep themselves busy.

Successful people are rarely idle. Many achievers were known to work 60-65 hours per work. This helps to keep the brain active and ready for task.

5. They know when to say “no.”

Successful people realize that by saying “no” to negativity, extra work, and activities that waste time, they can focus on increasing their productivity. If they say “yes” to everyone or everything, they’ll be too distracted and will not accomplish tasks that have to be done.

6. They don’t watch TV, they read.

”67% of rich people only watch TV for one hour or less per day. Also only 6% of the wealthy watch reality shows. Additionally, 86% of the wealthy love to read, with an impressive 88% claiming that they read for self-improvement for 30 minutes or more per day.

7. They write to-do lists the night before.

Successful people are known for writing their to-do-lists the night before so that they are able to set priorities for the following day. They number their lists as well to identify which tasks are the most important.

8. They set goals and visualize.

95% of the successful achievers I have spoken to practice writing down their goals, plans, or visions for success on a regular basis.

Successful people do this the night before, or first thing in the morning so that they are prepared to tackle the challenges that await them.

9. They manage their money.

Successful people have gotten where they are because they were able to manage their finances well. This means that they invest their money wisely, look for new opportunities and set aside emergency funds. They are more generous and willing to donate to those who need help.

There is an old saying that luck and preparation always meet opportunity. The most successful people set themselves up for success by preparing all the time.

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