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Happiness Is Not a Feeling – It Is Doing

By Nishall Garala

Happiness is thought of as the good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure.

Happy people view things differently to unhappy people. They are more positive, more solution focussed. They look at things in terms of gain rather than loss. More importantly, though, they have a distinctly different set of habits. The small things that happy people do, day to day, are subtly different to what unhappy people do.

If you ask someone if they are happy they will probably reflect on how they feel. An unhappy person will bring to mind their feelings of sadness, perhaps some negative emotions or absence of joy. And most would say they want to feel better.

It’s not easy, as any unhappy person will tell you, to think yourself happy. But you can boost your happiness by your actions. And you can sustain and nurture your happiness by what you do. Simply put, if you want to be happier you have to do something different – you have to do new things.

Happiness is action but happy habits are not hedonic habits, as Action for Happiness (link is external) recognise in their ‘Ten Keys to Happier Living”’– synthesised from all the happiness research. Their GREAT DREAM advocates:

· Giving – do things for others

· Relating – connect with people

· Exercising – taking care of your body

· Appreciating – awareness of what you do and the world around you

· Trying Out – doing new things

· Direction – doing things towards a goal

· Resilience – bouncing back after something negative

· Emotion – being positive about what you do

· Acceptance – that we all have faults and that things go wrong

· Meaning – being part of something bigger

Therefore, aligning our habits and behaviours with the GREAT DREAM factors we can all boost our happiness levels. So do something different away from the rat race of our normal live and make yourself even more happy!!

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