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Will Fortnight

From June 6 to 17, eighteen solicitors and will writers’ offices across West Essex and East Herts, the catchment area of the Hospice, have kindly volunteered their time to enable you to make your Will. Many of the solicitors are located in the Harlow area, including Barnes & Partners and Attwaters Jameson Hill, so you are certain to find a participating solicitor near you.

Making a Will is something which local family, Sarah and Alex Lenihan from Bishop’s Stortford, always meant to do. After 15 years together and lots of milestones celebrated, their busy lives meant that they never quite got round to it.

But when little Eva came into their lives in February 2016, they knew making a Will was a priority. Sarah said: “There is no question that making a Will is the right thing to do for our family. Life is so precious and we realise that more than ever now that we have our baby Eva.”

On the importance of making a Will, the Law Society states: “Everyone should have a Will, but it is even more important if you have children, you own property or have savings, investments, insurance policies or you own a business.”

From June 6 to 17, seven solicitors’ offices local to Harlow are volunteering their time to enable you to make your Will. All they request is that you kindly make the suggested minimum donation of £180 to St Clare Hospice, which is the standard cost of a Will, but will pay for an hour of the vital care that St Clare’s Community Service offers free of charge to local families.

The participating solicitors in the Harlow area are:

Harlow: Barnes & Partners, 5 West Square, 01279 271469
Attwaters Jameson Hill, Rothwell House, West Square, 01279 638888

Hertford: Longmores, 24 Castle Street, 01992 300333
Attwaters Jameson Hill, 72-74 Fore St, 01992 554881

Stevenage: Barnes & Partners, Bessemer Drive, 01438 289 513

Ware: Barnes & Partners, 3 Baldock St, 01920 400742
Attwaters Jameson Hill, 60-62 High St, 01920 460531

Appointments are limited so please contact your chosen solicitor today. For more information about Make a Will Fortnight please contact St Clare Corporate Partnerships Manager, Amy Jacobs on 01279 773758 or [email protected]

For a full list of all the participating solicitors/will writers visit the St Clare website at: www.stclarehospice.org.uk/event/make-a-will-fortnight/

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