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OVER the last few day, many schools have broken up for the summer holidays and our wonderful young people will be saying ‘I’m Bored’ quite often. So I decided this week I am going to write a blog about how to keep yourself engaged and prevent yourself from going insane!

First of all, stop killing time aimlessly! Do something useful.

Try, for example, to master the art of photography or painting, learn to play chess, practise yoga, ride a bike, read qualitative fiction and non-fiction (popular scientific) literature, develop your intelligence, imagination, strength and endurance, learn to play a musical instrument, or create music by yourself, make a good business idea and start developing your own business.

Choosing a hobby is not as difficult as you might think. At first, many things seem uninteresting and boring, but with the development of skills in something, the interest and enthusiasm increase!

If once you learn how to do something better than the beginners, for example, playing poker or skateboarding, you will get up an appetite for that.

Read more books and other useful information sources. Books give you a food for thought, therefore, when you are on your own, you have something to think about (except work and current affairs).

You become more interesting and erudite participant of your inner dialogue. An educated person has always something to think about.

And if you don’t like reading, Listen to good music; it is relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating, and uplifting. Or keep a journal to get the creative juices flowing and discover more about yourself. Creativity kills boredom. Oddly enough, writing on the subject “Why I am bored today” will become interesting. And writing questions and their answers provide us with solutions. Example questions include, “Why am I bored today? What am I doing wrong? What can I do to improve the situation? What do I choose to do? When will I do it? Why not now?”

If you find yourself bored, don’t wait to become interested in something because interest doesn’t come from waiting, but comes from taking action. So, act first by taking one action to do something.

Don’t be afraid of getting bored because it is delivering an important message. It is telling us that we have free time. And free time is a valuable resource that can be used to enrich our lives. It’s time that can be devoted to friends, family, or personal development. When we’re at work or in school, there are only a few ways to spend our time, but during our time off, we are free to use it as we see fit. We can use it to create meaning in our lives and experience greater fulfillment. But only if we take the time to stop and think before we act.

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