Letter to Editor: Labour candidate for police boss speaks out on Harlow murder

Politics / Wed 14th Sep 2016 at 10:47am

Chris Vince
Labour PCC Candidate for Essex 2016

‘First of all let me say that my deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Arek Jozwik. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of loss that they are experiencing.

It would be wrong for me, while the Police Investigation into Arek’s murder continues, to speculate about the motives behind the deplorable act. However, with another attack on Polish Nationals in Harlow occurring only days later, it is understandable that the Polish community of Harlow are both shaken and deeply saddened by what has happened.

It is vitally important therefore that Essex Police are able to work with Community Groups in Harlow, including but not exclusively the Polish community, to ensure that residents feel safe and secure in the town. At times like this we will feel the full impact of Government cuts to the Police Force in Essex. Police Community Support Officers, now few in number, would be ideal in building those links with local communities while front line Police officers would provide a visible presence and allowing those communities to feel safe and secure once more.

However, let me make it very clear that the murder of Arek Jozwik and subsequent attacks on were the actions of the few and not the many. The majority of people in Harlow are rightly appalled and shocked by what has happened and I know will do everything they can to make the Polish community feel welcome here. I along with a number of Harlow Labour Councillors, attended the silent march in memory of Arek on the 3rd of September. It was truly moving to see English, Polish and other nationalities standing side by side in solidarity and respect. This I believe is the true face of Harlow.

Chris Vince
Labour PCC Candidate for Essex in 2016’

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