Pressures slightly ease at Princess Alexandra Hospital

Health / Wed 11th Jan 2017 at 10:44am

THE PRESSURES on Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) are still quite intense but have slightly eased today.

Demand continues to grow on the Accident and Emergency Department.

Princess Alexandra Hospital is currently exceptionally busy and is facing a sustained high level of demand for A&E services.

They are working closely with their partner organisations to ensure patients continue to receive safe care.

They are asking people to think about using alternatives to A&E – such as a GP service, pharmacist unless they have a serious illness or life threatening emergency.

Anyone who is unsure whether they should be going to A&E can call NHS 111 for advice and information.

PAH is operating at Operational Pressure Escalation Level 3.(OPEL3)

That means: The local health and social care system is experiencing major pressures compromising patient flow and continues to increase.

Actions taken in OPEL 2 have not succeeded in returning the system to OPEL 1.

Further urgent actions are now required across the system by all A&E Delivery Board partners, and increased external support may be required. Regional teams in NHS E and NHS I will be aware of rising system pressure, providing additional support as deemed appropriate and agreed locally.

National team will also be informed by DCO/Sub- regional teams through internal reporting mechanisms

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