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Living with Luke 77

There once was a man who had a dog. The dog didn’t have a name, it was just ‘the dog’, but it followed its master everywhere he went. Which was weird, because The Man didn’t even like dogs.

The dog was a strange dog. Black in colour, the colour of coal. Sometimes it would keep its distance and look really tiny and other times it couldn’t keep away and was seemingly massive to its master. But always, the dog was there. Keeping track of where his master was, what he was doing and whether he should be near or far. The dog just seems to know.

Living with Luke 77

The man had another animal that he loved. This creature was a gorilla. The Man would follow this gorilla wherever he went because he loved his gorilla. Which was weird, because the gorilla couldn’t stand The Man.

The gorilla was happy on his own living in his jungle of sounds and vision. He didn’t need or want The Man spoiling it all by trying to live in his world with him. The gorilla just wanted to be left alone, to sing, to play, to eat, to do exactly what he wanted, when he wanted. And that didn’t include The Man.

Meanwhile, the dog continued to hover around his master. He felt a sense of loyalty towards his master and felt that he was needed on a daily basis. Not wanted, just needed. Which was weird, because the dog actually despised his master.

The dog thrived on his master’s sadness. He loved when his master was at his lowest, because then he knew he was being ‘a good boy’, swamping his owner with all the loss and unhappiness that he could rain down on him and be the big dog that commanded respect from his pathetic owner. The dog knew that his master could no sooner get rid of him than he could stop breathing, and so the dog was happy, because his master wasn’t.

The gorilla meanwhile, was blinkered. If he couldn’t see his owner then he was happy. Because of the way his brain worked, out of sight really was out of mind and he was only reminded that he even had The Man in his life, when The Man was right in front of him, saying his stupid things, like ‘hello’. And breathing.

This of course made The Man sad, which of course made the dog, happy. And the dog grew bigger and bigger until the dog towered over The Man. And the more things that made The Man sad, the more The Man pondered and wondered and hesitated and feared, the bigger the dog became.

“I am strong but I am tired.” Said the man. The dog said nothing. He was a dog. But the dog knew that he was wearing The Man down, because The Man now had to carry the dog or risk being bitten badly. In truth, he had always carried the dog.

Whilst this was happening, the gorilla was also growing, physically and in power. With no ‘what if’ switch, he was unable to dial down the strength and power he could recall at will. There was no such thing as guilt in his mind. The concept did not exist and so without guilt, without being made to feel ‘guilty’, he did not consider the consequences of his actions. He just acted.

“You do not wrestle the gorilla until you are tired. You wrestle the gorilla until the gorilla is tired.”

The dog knew this. The Man knew this. The gorilla knew this, but didn’t care.

The Man was drowning. He was having to work twice as hard just to stand still. The dog, loved it.

But then, one day, The Man stopped. For too many years, he had acted out of fear of being bitten by the dog. Then he remembered 3 words that a famous film star had said once in an old western.

“Well…we might…”

What he was referring to, it didn’t matter but The Man could take those 3 words and make them fit…

What if they hate it?

Well…they might…

What if they laugh at me?

Well…they might…

What if they tell me I’m wasting my time?

Well…they might…

What if…what if…what happens if…what about if…what if…?


But if you never try or do or see or attempt it, You Will Never Know…

And the dog whimpered. For he knew that he would have to start walking soon. He growled. He snarled and he bared his teeth. He threatened, he cajoled, he begged. But he could sense that he was getting smaller and smaller.

The gorilla was blissfully unaware of all of this. His monkey brain could not see any dog on The Man’s back and could not see that maybe, The Man was beginning to stand a little straighter. He didn’t see that The Man was, maybe, smiling a little more often and a little more broadly. To The gorilla, The Man was not important enough to warrant any such attention. If he did, then maybe he would’ve seen these things. But he didn’t. So he didn’t.

And The Man smiled. He could feel himself getting stronger and more able to ‘do’ more things. Try more things. And the dog jumped down from The Man’s back, and ran away.

The Man loved his pet gorilla, and would continue to wrestle him until the gorilla was tired and not a moment before. That was his promise, whether the gorilla heard it or not.

And though the dog had run off, he didn’t stray far. The Man was now blinkered and could not see the dog, because the animal was so very small now.

But, the dog knew that if he could just poke his head into The Man’s line of vision, The Man would see him again, and would be powerless once more. The pet would become the master again.

And the dog could grow once more…


He might…

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