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Few Inspirational Quotes

Hey Guys,

OVER the last few days I was reflecting on the time when I went to the One Young World in Dublin in 2014, and for this blog, I just wanted to share a few inspirational quotes that I picked up during my time there. I hope these quotes will inspire you the same way they inspired me to bring about positive change.

“You come here as leaders. Leaders of hope, of dignity, of justice, of responsibility, of community and of compassion”

“We as people should acknowledge nature as a source of information”

“Do something to improve the quality of life for your fellow citizens, and start your own revolution!”

“To be who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be! Sometimes you just need that leap of faith.”

“You will never know who you may impact with your message, whose life you may change.”

“I don’t ask for permission, I just do it and if something goes wrong – I ask for forgiveness”

“Individually we can all raise our voices but collectively we can be heard.”

“It’s not just about tweeting; it’s about putting things in action!”

“Invest in others and others will invest in you”

“Changing the world is a long journey, find your vehicle and fill it up with your passion!”

“Question everything, never take anything for granted!”

“Go stir up some trouble and make a change!”

“Let’s share more than our emails and tweets. Let’s share our skills and our time”

“If we can work together to build a space station, imagine what we could do if we worked together on earth.”

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crewmates and have to take care of her.”

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