Letter to Editor: Let us get on with Brexit but…

Politics / Tue 12th Sep 2017 at 07:16pm

Dear Editor,

I have the following message for the Harlow MP, Robert Halfon.

Dear Robert,

Like many people I know, I am sick and tired of the EU debate and want you and your government to get on with the job of extracting our nation from the EU as quickly and painlessly as possible.

However, I do have some issues I would like you to prioritise:

1. Securing the full rights of EU citizens in our country post-Brexit and those of British citizens in EU member states;
2. Maintaining existing EU employment rights;
3. Maintaining existing environmental and food safety legislation;
4. Ensuring the most advantageous access to the Single Market: best case scenario being tariff free;
5. Providing an extra FCO minder for Boris Johnson to restrain him from insulting our EU partners;
6. Full police, intelligence and military co-operation with the EU, such as information sharing and training guide exchanges with Europol;
7. Maintaining our contributions and links with the European Broadcasting Union and the European Atomic
Energy Community;
8. Visa free holiday journeys to EU member states post-Brexit.

Please, no more delays such as opportunistic and unwise snap elections or open-ended transitional arrangements.

Sincerest regards,
David Forman

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