Letter to Editor: On Sir Charles Kao UTC change of name

Politics / Tue 20th Mar 2018 at 04:23pm

Dear Editor,

It has come to my notice that the Sir Charles Kao UTC has changed its name. I would like to point out that this Technical College located in Harlow is for the education of young people between the ages of 14 and 18 and its name is ideally suited to its task.

Sir Charles Kao is the most sufficient scientist to work in Harlow inventing Fibre Optic communications, this invention has changed the whole world of the Internet and Global communications. This put Harlow at the forefront of the development of Global communications, Fibre Optics now span the world, and the Internet is a global service working at speeds and data volumes that people 40 years ago could only dream of all thanks to Fibre Optics invent in Harlow at the STC Laboratories by Sir Charles Kao.

We should be proud to have his name associated with the future education of young people in the area.

One wonders what his wife and daughter think of this change as only a few years ago when they came to Harlow to visit the the UTC saying how proud they were of this honour to Sir Charles.

You may ask what is the new inspiring name this college is to be given, well it is BMAT STEM Academy. Rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. You may also ask in the time of education cuts where does the money come from to carry out this change, new signage, new logo, new letter heading, web page design etc. Someone will say it comes from a separate budget but we all know it all comes out of the money we as tax payers pay local and central government for education.

My plea to the people planning these changes is to leave alone and let the name of Sir Charles Kao be celebrated in a way it deserves giving the contribution he has made to all our lives.

Roger Pryor
Retired Data Communication Consultant

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