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DEATH is a very difficult topic for people to talk about – yet, here at St Clare Hospice, we frequently see the stress and worry that families can experience when they haven’t talked about their wishes for where and how they’d like to die – and their wishes for what happens after their death.

This Dying Matters Awareness Week (14th – 20th May), I would be delighted if your readers could take time to consider what they can do to talk more openly about death, dying and bereavement with their families and friends. Dying Matters Awareness Week aims to bring death and dying to the forefront of conversations across the nation, so that we can all feel empowered and confident to talk about death, ask questions, listen, and be sure of what we and our loved ones would like to happen when our time comes.

We know it can be upsetting and uncomfortable for many – but it doesn’t have to be that way. That is why St Clare Hospice has launched a comprehensive guide on ‘How to Talk about Death and Dying,’ which offers reassurance, support and guidance on having those important conversations with our loved ones.

Although talking about death can be difficult, it can help us to alleviate our fears and feel a bit more prepared. Talking about dying does not, of course, bring death closer. We believe that when we are able to face death openly, and approach it peacefully and positively as a natural part of life, we will feel empowered to live our days to the fullest – which is just what hospice care is all about!

To download our free guide on ‘How to Talk about Death and Dying’ visit: www.stclarehospice.org.uk/care/information-support

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