Nishall’s Blog: First class advice after degree success

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Nishall’s Blog: Stay focused! You can do this!

“I am finally done, I’ve finished my degree and I’m graduating with a First Class Honours in BSc Business and Management. Yay!

So, this week’s blog is a bit more personal than usual, I’m going to tell you a short story of my journey to university. From the start I was never an academic, and English being my second language, I struggled throughout my school days.

Teachers would tell me off regularly for poor grammar and spelling. At one stage a teacher even said to me that I would never get to university because of it, which was disheartening, but me being me, I took that as a challenge and look where I am.

I was the first from my immediate family to go university and that was a challenge in itself, as it was new experience etc. So the challenge started and I got to go university, and yes it was hard, writing a grammatically correct essay became a thing. University became an amazing experience and I went from strength to strength, with the occasional mini breakdown, but I did it, I got to university and finished university. This was down to my motivated mindset and the immense support from friends and family, I did what I had to do to achieve what I wanted to.

The aim of my blog today is about being persistent to achieve your goals and dreams. No matter what someone says to you, if you think you can do something, it’s probably because you can. All you have to do is put your mind to it and anything is possible. Don’t let anyone say you can’t! If I had given up when one of my teachers said I won’t get to university, I would have let myself down, because I didn’t try. Anything can be achieved, one step at a time, you can’t learn to run without learning to walk.

I’m going to keep this week’s blog short and simple, whether your doing your exams, applying to jobs, or taking the next big step, remember you can do anything you want, just try, and if something is not successful, learn and improve from it, it will make you stronger and better.

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