Athletics: Harlow’s John Bull proves he is full of the fighting spirit

HARLOW Running Club member John Bull completed the Stour Valley Path Ultra 50K (roughly 31 miles) finishing in 40th place out of 164 finishers in an excellent 5hrs 55min 53sec, a PB by an incredible 35min.

Meanwhile at the Thames Meander Marathon Paul Watts finished in 144th place out of 170 finishers in 5.03.18.

At the Essex Cross Country 10K Series at Hadleigh Park Michael Woodruff finished in 17th place out of 209 finishers and 3rd Vet 50 in 44.54.

At the Chase the Sun 10K in the Olympic Park Mick Maddams finished in 108th place out of 407 finishers in a PB time of 46.11.

At the East Cork Harbour 10k Mark Bentley finished in 54th place out of 626 finishers in 46.34.

At the Dorney Sprint Triathlon (750m Swim, 20K Bike and 5K Run) Paul Schroder finished in 58th place out of 154 finishers in 1.19.23(PB) and Wendy Schroder was 131st and 3rd Female Vet 50 in 1.32.21, a PB by over 10min.

At the Herts and Essex Super Series Aquathlon at Havering (400m swim 5k run) Paula Reynolds finished in 8th place out of 31 finishers and 1st Female in 29.38, Gail Nicholls was 18th and 3rd Female in 32.43, James Keys-Kidd 22nd in 33.46, Kerry Mavris 26th in 37.13 and Jason Pite 27th in 37.14.

Several runners participated in various parkruns on Saturday morning including 47 at Harlow:
3 Laurence MADDOCK 19:26
11 Jon WAIGHT 21:41
12 Jack SHURY 21:53
16 Colin BAKER 22:37
17 Jamie JEPHCOTT 22:41
19 Lex ELLINGTON 22:56
21 Allison BEETON 23:02
22 Andy SMITH 23:08
29 Matthew AUSTIN 23:40
30 Terri WILEY 23:50 PB by 7s
33 Terry RIDGE 23:59
37 Chris MCCARTHY 24:02
44 Steve COWLIN 24:33
45 Mick MADDAMS 24:41
60 Peter AYLING 25:58
62 Andrew TERRELL 26:05
65 Graham SAVILLE 26:24
67 Jim BATES 26:40
68 Mark MOULDS 26:51
71 Richard FRYER 27:02
76 Tracie COOK 27:23
78 Jacobus VAN DER POEL 27:28
81 Kelly BURGESS 27:43
82 Spencer BROOKS 27:52
83 Hazel KURZ 27:54
86 Gary MEAD 28:01
90 Kate BABB 28:13
92 Kerry MAVRIS 28:21
106 Hannah WENLOCK 29:24
108 William BRUNTON 29:31
114 Tony HARMAN 29:53
118 Michael ROBEY 30:20
121 Austin NYAMANDE 30:24
127 Alison WALKER 30:36
128 Helen BARNES-MARTIN 30:37
131 Peter MILLS 30:50
133 Laura PRIME 31:08
141 Kelly SPIRES 31:35
153 Jason FOX 33:22
186 Hannah MARTIN 36:01
187 Julie BULL 36:02
212 Emma STEAD 39:56
218 Sharon BROOKS 40:10
223 Dominic EMERY 41:17
229 Yasmin GREGORY 42:15
233 Paulene GALOPPI 42:59
251 Debbie COOPER 55:31
252 finishers

At Thetford parkrun Martin Westley finished in 2nd place out of 272 finishers in 17.36 and Liz Roberts was 117th in 29.01.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Ryan Smith finished in 17th place out of 339 finishers in 17.50(PB).

At Aberaeron parkrun Ben Usher finished in 3rd place out of 124 finishers in 19.39.

At Beverley Westwood parkrun Tom Quinn finished in 7th place out of 332 finishers in 20.11.

At Newcastle parkrun Jason Haigh finished in 29th place out of 396 finishers in 20.22.

At Bideford parkrun Vincent Martin finished in 46th place out of 96 finishers in 26.19 and Pauline Weirich was 91st in 42.46.

At Wanstead Flats parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 68th place out of 191 finishers in 26.41.

At Woodhouse Moor parkrun near Leeds Oliver Skipper finished in 232nd place out of 480 finishers in 27.54.

At Canons Park parkrun in Middlesex Teresa Stickland finished in 67th place out of 159 finishers in 28.54 and Brenda Clayton was 94th in 31.37.

At Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun Susan Maloney finished in 155th place out of 271 finishers in 29.17 and David Johnson was 157th in 29.19.

At King’s Lynn parkrun Dawn Elford finished in 278th place out of 405 finishers in 31.56.

At Solihull parkrun Andy Kinney finished in 422nd place out of 506 finishers in 35.17.

At Redruth parkrun Andy Kitson finished in 138th place out of 150 finishers in 43.43 and Karen Kitson was 139th in 44.39.

At Penrose parkrun in Cornwall Sara Coombe finished in 261st place out of 267 finishers in 47.38.

Last week at the mid week Lee Valley Aquathlon (500m swim, 5.5k run) Ryan Smith finished in 6th place out of 43 finishers in 32.31 and Ben Usher was 8th in 33.18. In the Ladies race Allison Beeton finished in 3rd place out of 21 finishers in 35.58 and Kerry Mavris was 13th in 40.30.
At the shorter distance event (250m swim, 3k run) Danny McCree finished in 4th place out of 14 finishers in 20.33, Andy Smith was 6th in 20.56, James Keys-Kidd 7th in 22.39, Jon Waight 8th in 23.06 and Jason Pite 11th in 24.19.
In the Ladies race Gail Nicholls was victorious in 1st place out of 22 finishers in 20.14, Wendy Schroder was 3rd in 22.38, Janice Page 4th in 23.25, Liz Roberts 10th in 25.21, Louise Peacock 13th in 26.08, Annabel Moeser 14th in 26.42, Kate Babb 15th in 26.46 and Terasa Holden 20th in 31.00.

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