Final curtain for Dick Kilburn, the man who brought music to the Town Park

THE FUNERAL of former Harlow Council Entertainments Officer, Dick Kilburn takes place today (Wednesday).

A generation of Harlow residents have much to thank Dick for as he was one of the main architects behind the concerts that played in the town park in the seventies with artists as diverse as The Bay City Rollers and Thin Lizzy, Kenny Ball and The Pogues, Aswad and Judas Priest and dozens more playing free at Harlow Bandstand over a couple of decades.

He was also behind the first Rock Contest which started back in the early 80s and ended up running at The Square right until they closed their doors.

There was so much more under his leadership that made this town a stand out example to others of how to look after the soul of the Town. OAP music hall concerts, the Country Festival, Sunday Big Band and Jazz in the park, the best ever fireworks parties and the Town Show when it was a proper town wide event that everyone went along to.

We haven’t seen his like since and we were very lucky he left his native Scarborough and fell in love with our Town.

For anyone who is not aware and would like to say farewell, his funeral is at Parndon Wood today at 10:45 and they will all be raising a glass or two at The Crown afterwards.

(If you want to make a donation to the charities Dick supports, there is a page on Daniel Robinson’s website where you can do that.)

Full details of the concerts in town park can be found here.

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