General Election: Robert Halfon wins historic fourth victory for Conservatives

News / Fri 13th Dec 2019 at 02:05am

ROBERT Halfon has held the seat of Harlow and the Villages. This was a historic fourth win for the Conservative MP.

Mr Halfon won by a majority of 14,063. This is a huge leap from 2017, when he won by 7,031.

Below is the announcement and the acceptance speech by Mr Halfon.

Candidate: Votes. Percentage. Plus/Minus

Robert Halfon (Conservative): 27,510. 63.5
Laura McAlpine (Labour): 13,447. 31.0
Charlotte Cane (Lib-Dem): 2,397. 5.5

Majority: 14,063

Turnout: 64.04%

After the return was announced, we spoke to Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

We also spoke to Labour candidate, Laura McAlpine.


2017 Result

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16 Comments for General Election: Robert Halfon wins historic fourth victory for Conservatives:

2019-12-13 05:07:46

Resounding vi6tory, and justified, an ex6ellent MP.

2019-12-13 07:49:08

Well done UK. You have just voted for another five years of the same crap as the last nine. Never mind eh? Boris Johnson will still act in that cuddly toy mode and you will smile while he screws the country, your life, and your family to the brink of destruction. Well done again from the homeless, the disabled, the young and the old who will suffer with you without the smile. In Harlow, well the number of tents will grow, the police will not improve, the schools will continue to suffer shortages but Mr. Halfon will still tell you he is working hard for you!

2019-12-13 07:59:05

Diddums Gary Diddums

2019-12-13 08:40:46

RayMo that is about the standard of response I expected and expect the same mind numbing response over the next five years, sadly.

2019-12-13 09:14:11

A brilliant rejection of socialism and all its ill's there is hope for us yet

2019-12-13 09:58:23

I hope now that Harlow Labour and Labour in general can now realise how utterly wrong their stance in this elections was. 9 years of a government that’s had austerity, chucks moderates out of the party and still not delivered Brexit and yet the majority grew. As we’ve seen on here labour members just did not want to listen to facts, ignored the truth and fell behind ideas and ideals like a cult and for that reason it just did not engage the public in Harlow. Conservatives could have been caught out so many times, nurses, hospitals etc and yet all I heard from labour was utter none sense about re-nationalisation, no stance on brexit and no action on anti-semitism. Well done, you’ve taken the moderate view that holds govt to account torn it up and dragged it all backwards. Best thing Harlow Labour can do is get rid of Momentum as nobody wants ultra left wing, start working with its traditional voters to build an effective opposition and ultimately start listening to people with some sense who aren’t absolutely blinded by socialist ideals.

2019-12-13 10:14:41

This result comes as no surprise to me having spoken to many people around Harlow since the Harlow Alliance Party was formed in January 2018. Put quite simply, despite the shortcomings of Mr Johnson and Mr Halfon, most people simply said they could not vote Labour again whilst Mr Corbyn was the Labour leader and the the Labour manifesto sounded like something which would take the country back to the 1970's. If coming out of the EU proves not to be the disaster many opponents would have the electorate believe, I think the Labour Party and indeed the Lib Dems are finished for good ...... and as for Laura spouting off about Harlow being a working class town and the election was all about class, I am afraid this shows her momentum credentials ..... the politics of envy.

2019-12-13 10:33:08

Gary, as I've said often, you are a dinosaur, longing for the days of shop steward bullies and union power. 6orbynski, soon to be dumped, worked along the same path. Look what happened, in the ex 6oalfields and the steelworks, even the renowned Arthur S6argill advised voting for the Tories. See how out-dated you are, but, don't let it spoil your 6hristmas. ttfn.

2019-12-13 12:13:36

MickyB77 I know you like name calling like a little bully without a brain but when all those people needing homes, food, doctors and education appear at your door, please be ready to apologise for the lies of today!

2019-12-13 15:10:36

Gary, you're probably one of the rudest, foul mouthed individuals who contributes to these pages. I don't feel responsible or guilty about any of the un-fortunates that you describe, as I have my own problems to worry about. If you wish to wear sack cloth and ashes that's your choice,but you still leave space for an insult or two.

2019-12-13 16:02:18

"Gary, you’re probably one of the rudest, foul mouthed individuals who contributes to these pages." You MickyB77 throw insults on these pages in most of your posts to people who do not deserve it. If you cant take it, then stop doing it.

2019-12-13 16:47:12

No wonder the Marxists got absolutely hammered !

2019-12-13 17:02:49

This is supposed to be a response to the election demolition of the Marxists and the Momentum mob. Imagine, ex miners and steel workers voting for the Tories, it just shows the desperation felt by the people who are living in Labour controlled boroughs. Labour really does massage poverty. Anyway, the best of British to Robert Halfon, I envisage that B J will have a neat little spot for him. I haven't noticed the vanquished congratulating him, yet !

2019-12-13 18:56:49

Gary. The only bully without a brain was your glorious leader. We'll be glad to see the back of him and Diane abacus with a bit of luck. What a complete and utter pair of idiots they are.

2019-12-13 20:35:50

'THE RESULTS of yesterday's election in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is reflective of a country completely divided.' As we begin to pore over the results of yesterday's General Election Results, one thing is coming sharply into focus: this is not a United Kingdom. Northern Ireland now has more Nationalist Members of Parliament than Unionist; and the threat posed by Brexit to the province's economic welfare, and above all the peace process, is clearly moving sentiment in the Nationalist direction. Scotland is perhaps an even more stark example. Having emphatically voted to remain in the European Union in the Referendum of 2016, the Scots made their feelings dramatically clear again yesterday when they returned 48 Scottish National Party MPs, and swept both Labour and Conservative incumbents aside in a landslide success. Boris Johnson has said that the Westminster Government would refuse the Scots a second Independence Referendum; but the strength of feeling north of the border may prove irresistible. And indeed, I personally wonder if the Scots could 'go it alone'? (After all, the Westminster Government opposed the Independence demands of the American Colonists in 1776, that went well!). In any event, with Labour having so spectacularly dropped the ball, Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party have a clear mandate to govern... In England. But after the dust has settled, history may yet record the General Election of 2019 as the beginning of the end of the Union... https://www.irishpost.com/uncategorized/opinion-uk-election-results-beginning-end-union-175369?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=article&utm_medium=web via @theirishpost

2019-12-14 07:13:15

The majority won, so Clark, what's your problem ? Jealous and disregarding any result other than what you personally wish for. Non Democratic and straight out of the Marxist propaganda sheet, why do you need to quote the Irish Post ? Do you think that it supports your non-sense, you're nothing more than a childish loser, along with one or two others I could mention.

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