Letter to Editor: Harlow MP Robert Halfon thanks the voters

General Election 2019 / Mon 16th Dec 2019 pm31 03:53pm

Dear Editor,

I WOULD like to thank the many thousands of voters in Harlow who kindly supported me at this election, once again. To be selected as MP and to work hard for Harlow is such an incredible honour.

It was at 10-years-old, after visiting the Houses of Parliament, that I decided to become an MP and it is hard to believe that my childhood ambition of serving my local community has come true.

I will do all I can to continue to work hard and represent everybody in our town, whether they supported me or not; to be an ambassador for Harlow in Parliament; and, to make sure that we continue to get investment and support from the Government.

As pledged, I will work to get Brexit done and will vote to make that happen in the coming weeks. I am very hopeful, given what the Prime Minister has said, that we will legally leave the EU by 31st January 2020 – Independence Day for the UK.

As Harlow’s MP, I will also do all I can to ensure our new hospital, promised by the Health Secretary, will work for everyone in our town. I will continue to champion apprenticeships and education and the incredible work of Harlow FE College, as well as all of our primary and secondary schools in Harlow and the villages.

Our Manifesto pledged that Conservatives would continue to cut the cost of living and I welcome the
National Insurance tax cut for millions of lower earners. In Parliament, I will continue to support other measures to further champion hardworking Harlow families.

I have every good wish for my opponents who were unsuccessful this election.

Finally, I want to give special thanks to YourHarlow.com. Their journalism has helped keep political news and democracy alive in our town. Their job is to scrutinise the work of politicians, of all parties, and I am grateful for their hard work, particularly during this campaign.

YourHarlow.com performs a huge service to our community and I would like to thank the Editor and his team.

Yours sincerely,


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2 Comments for Letter to Editor: Harlow MP Robert Halfon thanks the voters:

2019-12-17 07:35:21

Any reason for thanking this organ?

2019-12-17 08:30:35

I wonder what will change in Harlow under this "new" government in general and Robert Halfon in particular over the next five years? I could invoke that phrase of, "Jam Tomorrow" but accept "bread and dripping" for four years because we have to help our billionaire mates first, last and always. And will Mr. Halfon remember the "note in the Treasury" again when austerity is still prevalent in five years? I suspect so. Will the "new" hospital be built? I suspect it will not with the excuse "these things take time" or "its Labour fault" again. Never mind eh.... the electorate will still enjoy the mendacious, misogynistic and racist stand up routines of Boris Johnson. And that is good, right? No wrong in every word, waffle, phrase or bluster from this man. And sadly for MickyB77 this will be my last contribution to this organ.

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