Another busy month for the Harlow Wombles

Communities / Mon 26th Jul 2021 at 10:19am

WHAT have the Harlow Wombles been up to recently? They have been very busy indeed. They have sent us a summary of what they have been doing. Thank you to Ruth and the team.

Mohammed works for the Coop Community Fund and has previously been litter picking with Sherrie and Ruth.

Thanks to Mohammed, the Coop Community Fund has kindly donated nine litter picks to us.

Rather than pick and choose nine lucky people to have one, which would leave 234 unlucky members, we have agreed to use them as a small stock of litter picks for when people or an organisation takes out a group of children or young people.

Eight picks are therefore being held by Karen, who is coordinating litter picks with children. Frank has taken one pick to work with children in a Berecroft litter picking project.


Separately from the Wombles work, if anyone is involved with any grass roots community projects, please talk to Mohammed. There are many ways in which he may be able to help.

If any Womble or school representative is organising a litter pick with children and would like to borrow the group stock, please contact Karen.

Still on the children theme, we have developed a certificate for young Wombles who have litter picked. This has been endorsed and is supported by Harlow Council, HTS, Coop Community Fund and Rainbow Services.

We will award the certificate to any child that is nominated by an adult, singly or in groups. The certificates can be supplied with names on, or without, as preferred. If a large number of them is required, we will send them digitally and ask that you arrange for your own printing. However, if just one or two are requested, we can print and get them to you.

Slightly technical now, the certificate logos are all png files with a transparent background, developed on Publisher, so if you want to print the certificates on coloured paper they will still look good. Also, there are a couple of areas on the certificate which can be added to – so if, for example, a school wants to add its badge on there, that’s fine too. Or maybe a photo of the rubbish your child collected. Just let us know.

In the short term, if anyone wants to nominate a child or children for a certificate, please contact Ruth. There is no minimum picking requirement – the aim of this is to let children know that their work is appreciated and to encourage them to do more. The fact that these are from Harlow Wombles, Harlow Council, HTS, Coop Community Fund and Rainbow Services also shows just how much we value what they do.

Please share with anybody who might be interested, whether on this group or not.

For more information on the Harlow Wombles, go to


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3 Comments for Another busy month for the Harlow Wombles:

Jake Shepherd
2021-07-26 17:20:57

Very lucky to have such a wonderful community spirit in Harlow, and very fortunate to have groups like Harlow Wombles. Well done to all involved and thank you for all that you do.

Tony Edwards
2021-07-26 22:24:59


Kay Morrison
2021-07-28 06:09:05

Darn tootin'! Public-spirited local heroes making a real difference ... and much appreciated. Thank you, Harlow Wombles.

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