Harlow head issues warning as anti-vaxxers continue to protest outside schools

Education: Secondary / Fri 8th Oct 2021 at 11:43am

A HARLOW HEADTEACHER has issued a warning as anti-vaxxers continue their protests outside Harlow schools.

Last week, a number of protestors stood outside Passmores Academy on Tracyes Road offering leaflets to schoolchildren.

Chief executive of the Passmores Learning Community, Vic Goddard later issued a statement on social media.

Mr Goddard said: “Just to be clear. If you are an adult unknown to us/them and you approach our children that is a safeguarding issue and we will phone the police.

“You may be the only ones that ‘know the truth’ but you still cannot do that”.

On Tuesday afternoon, anti-vaxxers were present outside Burnt Mill Academy on First Avenue, Harlow where they again, mixed with schoolchildren and offered them leaflets.

Film seen on social media showed that the school dispersal by very patient staff was taking much longer than usual.

A parent, that did not wish to be named told YH: “I have spoken to their parents who are scared of these people and told me that they walked onto the road to avoid them.

“I just want to pick up my children from school and go home again.”

For your interest, a short film from CNN called “A Brief History of Anti-Vaxxers”

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5 Comments for Harlow head issues warning as anti-vaxxers continue to protest outside schools:

2021-10-08 14:41:49

Surely these people are harassing school students, minors, and isn't this a crime? Plus looking like they are blocking a public pathway. They probably travel in cars, a very dangerous activity. Perhaps they will start on drivers next

2021-10-08 17:46:42

Anti-Vaxxers and Covid deniers SHOULD’T receive NHS care if and when they contract and the help, IMO! Let them catch it and beg for vaccines and treatment at “THEIR” own private COST. Ridiculous people.

Mark Gobell
2021-10-08 19:47:21

Superb, fair and balanced reporting once again from YourHarlow.com ... Bravo. I look forward to your next piece on the pros ( why bother with the cons ) of forced medication ...

2021-10-09 07:00:48

Protesting is one thing - I reserve and accept the right to protest even if I don’t agree with your ideology. But the moment you drag children into the mix - children who’s minds can be easily manipulated, that’s when I oppose you. Anti-vaxxers have a bad reputation as it is, this will only seek to make it worse.

2021-10-09 10:15:52

Could these Antivaxxers been seen as Radicals and therefore terrorists trying to radicalise young children to join their group. To be honest should doorstep religious groups be considered as such. The Antivaxxers retoric is based on fear and hate of the establishment. They should leave the decisions to the children and parent.

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