Essex Police release bodycam footage of Ripped Gym owners arrest in Harlow

Crime / Tue 30th Nov 2021 at 03:09pm

LAST week, we reported that the owner of a gym in Harlow had been fined £1,000 for breaching coronavirus legislation last year (Nov).

Essex Police have now released the body cam footage of the arrest as well as a detailed statement from their assistant chief constable.

The Ripped Gym in Wych Elm, Harlow had put out social media posts saying it planned to remain open despite the second national lockdown last autumn.

Harlow Council had spoken to staff before the restrictions came into force on 5 November last year and explained they would not be able to open.

But when council staff and police officers visited the gym in Wych Elm on 5 November, there were customers inside using the equipment.

A woman later identified as owner Michelle Meade-Wyatt handed an officer a notice claiming the gym was operating under common law.

She was asked if she was the owner or could identify who the owner was so that officers could speak to them, but she refused to answer any questions.

When she was identified as being the gym owner, officers explained she was contravening coronavirus legislation and would be issued a fixed penalty notice.

They asked for her details a number of times in order to issue the fine, but she refused, and said she would not consent to the fine or answer any questions.

At this point, after around 40 minutes of trying to engage with her, officers felt they had no choice but to arrest her for breaching the regulations.

Meade-Wyatt appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court on 7 December last year where she denied failing to cease carrying on a business that was restricted under the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020.She appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on 23 November where she admitted the charge.Meade-Wyatt, of Pygons Hill Lane, Liverpool, was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £1,205.

Speaking after the hearing, Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Nolan, said: “We have always said first and foremost we would speak to people, explain the regulations and encourage them to do the right thing.

“But we will continue to respond to clear and blatant breaches and work with our partners to resolve them.

“This case is a very clear example of a blatant breach of the legislation, which not only put people’s health at risk, but at a time when infection rates were rising.

“Harlow Council staff and our officers had made extensive attempts to engage with the gym owner to resolve this situation.“

“Enforcement action could have been avoided entirely but unfortunately we were given no choice but to take the matter to court.“

“We know the restrictions have had a major impact on business owners, but the vast majority made sacrifices to keep their customers safe and to comply with the legislation.“

“I want to thank the hundreds of business owners who have done this and have kept themselves and others safe to protect the NHS and save lives.“

“The small minority who did not follow the rules, as in this case, are selfish and not acting fairly towards those people who were doing the right thing.”

“From 4am this morning, Tuesday 30 November, face masks will once again be mandatory in shops and on public transport, unless you are exempt.

“Our approach has been, and will continue to be, to take a common sense approach to policing the Government’s COVID-19 regulations.

“We will engage with residents and visitors to Essex, to explain these regulations and encourage them to do the right thing.If you see or hear of a clear and blatant breach of the regulations, or witness threatening or abusive behaviour towards any of our key workers, please tell us

“.Where clear and blatant breaches are reported and when reasoned conversation is not successful, we will take enforcement action.

“We all have a responsibility to follow the regulations and the guidance in place to protect our NHS and we must all play our part to keep ourselves, families, friends and neighbours safe.

“You can contact us online or use the ‘Live Chat’ button to speak to an online operator between 7am-11pm.

Alternatively, you can call 101.Full details of the Government’s COVID-19 regulations can be found on their website: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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37 Comments for Essex Police release bodycam footage of Ripped Gym owners arrest in Harlow:

2021-11-30 15:14:10

What an embarrassing situation for that woman acting under ye old common law

2021-11-30 15:38:46

Well she got the "common" bit right.

gary roberts
2021-11-30 15:43:33

Why did the police release any footage from the arrest, if it was an arrest? It is unprofessional behaviour of the most serious kind. They do not do that in very serious matters so why now? What criminal offence was committed?

not ray
2021-11-30 15:53:29

anyone who has to film officers is clearly in the wrong trying to protect themselves just proves they are at fault and a bit of a prick

2021-11-30 18:15:09

I'm paying the £1205 out of the 10s of thousands im claiming in compensation for unlawful arrest, unlawful detainment and assault. Civil action ongoing. Agenda 21 Agenda 30. I'll adjust my tin foil hat and continue to correctly predict what's going to happen next. Enjoy giving away your freedoms. Omega is the next variant after Omicron...... just saying. Now go get your 4th shot, wear a mask and don't forget to wear your coats this winter to keep me warm xxxx

2021-11-30 18:18:39

Hopefully your Harlow won't delete the comments that don't fit their narrative like they did the last time.

2021-11-30 18:19:03

Gordon, Ray and not Ray! What's embarrassing is that you have been mugged off by the government and most likely had that experiment for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate Hahaha and not the Ray the only prick is you now go wear your face nappy because boris said so hahahhaha

2021-11-30 18:47:03

Michelle, I have not had any jabs, I also do not stay away from people or wear a mask very often. I do sympathise with you, however, this talk of common law and spouting centries old legislation will not help you in court. There were emergency laws passed for the pandemic that went throught the houses of Parliment. These laws trump any laws your hoping will save you in court. I think you will incur alot more court fees before you end this.

2021-11-30 19:02:26

Citizen I agree. I should have got legal representation immediately, I didn't. If I did it would have probably been thrown out like Zone Gym in Woodgreen. They fined him £77k. Case was thrown out

2021-11-30 19:09:32

Omicron eats crayons

2021-11-30 19:13:35

Michelle,Michele, Make your mind up how you spell your name, As for a tin foil hat you should build a bunker and become a prepper.

2021-11-30 19:25:58

Gordon yes I do off your mum

2021-11-30 19:31:37

Anyone want to come with me for a booster 👍🏻

2021-11-30 19:36:54

Moronic i would love too but I have already had my 3rd but as soon as they give the 4th,5th,6th I would love to go with you #jabbuddies

2021-11-30 19:41:14

Oh Jarrett if only you knew 😂😂😂😂😂😂

2021-11-30 19:59:07

Omicron that would be great maybe we could make a day of it go to The cafe have a decade green tea with mats milk and then go for the booster when the 4th is due in February. Maybe Jarrett wants to come #Jabbudies4life

2021-11-30 20:08:41

Glad my mum feeds you crayons lol

2021-11-30 21:09:47

Just shows how corrupt the judicial system is ! Il help pay her fine & im sure many other critical thinkers who see through this swamp of lies & corruption will help too. Well done to her for having a back bone that many seem to have let dissolve in their ignorance & complicity

2021-11-30 23:30:16

It was a lawful arrest, lawful detainment and the assault was to our intelligence spouting nonsense about being a living woman. Did not look very dead so was obviously living.

2021-11-30 23:51:25

the majority are doing the right thing thru this pandemic why does she think she is above everyone else, you were clearly breaking the law by being open, harlow council and the police tried in vain to engage with you, hope the court bill comes to thousands and then you just might relize what a stupid thing youve done.

2021-12-01 04:43:24

Cringe - the comment section here is just full of “I know the law” and screams of entitlement. Break the law, suffer the consequences. You’re not special, none of us here are - if you don’t want to follow the rules and regulations set out to protect everyone - not just yourself - then you’re being a bit selfish. It doesn’t matter if you believe the virus is as serious as they say or not, fact is - it’s doing something, enough to warrant entire nations to react. Next time you think you “know the law” perhaps you’d better read a little more carefully and apply it more cautiously.

2021-12-01 05:32:24

I heard AZ promotes muscle growth.

2021-12-01 06:32:21

Whilst you're sitting watching your life evolve over social media, in the real world people are fighting for their lives In Northern territories in Australia people are being moved to quarantine camps by the army. They are being forcibly held down and injected. In India there's a town where you can't enter a supermarket and buy food if you're not vaccinated In Austria they locked down all the unvaccinated Across the world NO JAB NO JOB, including all our care staff and NHS staff Children have been injected against the JCVI advise, where there is no medical reason for it. The yellow card reporting scheme and vaers have not been reported in the news but actually swept under the carpet When we said there would be a time you couldn't enter a pub or club without proof of vaccination we were told we were crazy conspiracy theorists, not so much now eh. Things are going to get worse, much worse. You will have no freedom, you will have no choice. What's going to happen to all these people that have lost their jobs, how are they supposed to feed their families? If you think for one second you're safe, think again. They are coming for all of us. But hey, you just sit on social media calling people names. You are on the wrong side of history.

What's going on in the world?
2021-12-01 07:30:21

Happy to donate to support you. Fully behind what you are saying and what you tried to do. Thanks for standing up and being counted. According to Your Harlow there are still 20,000 people in Harlow not vaccinated so I'm thinking there's way more in support of you than they will let us or want us to know about.

2021-12-01 09:38:59

God bless you Michelle, I hope you appeal and will win big compensation. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

2021-12-01 09:42:38

im not even on any form of social media, im affraid michelle youve lost the plot , youre not the nut whose back screen on their car carries an anti booster message are you by any chance, i keep seeing it in harlow.

2021-12-01 09:47:43

"However, an Indigenous man named Luke Ellis, who is currently quarantining at the facility, said everyone came willingly and were being treated well - blasting any comparisons to the experiences of the Stolen Generation." rather throws youre silly argument out of the water doesnt it michelle, get your facts straight before you spout otherwise to a normal person you will look rather stupid.

2021-12-01 09:49:30


Joss Noone
2021-12-01 10:38:41

.Michelle, thank you for making a stand for Free Society. I may or may not believe in what you say.. That is irrelevant but to Paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche “I may dislike what you say but I would die for your right to say it" Here is a video of Conservative heavyweight David Davis MP https://youtu.be/VidUXZjzNVk Your not alone

May God Bless You
2021-12-01 10:51:34

Am praying for you Michelle , may God continue to protect you & bless you.

2021-12-01 11:35:27

Jesus, I think half of Harlow must spend all day on Zerohedge.

2021-12-01 11:41:56

Michelle you’re a fool. And you have a responsibility to act not only as an adult and a business owner but to set an example to our youth. The only example you are setting is that you’re a terrible person with the utmost absurd mindset. Show me proof that in Australia they’re forcibly vaccinating individuals. I have family in NSW and QL and they’re not reporting any such thing... fool.

2021-12-01 14:30:27

Agree with you P but sadly there are many morons who will support her, how many other laws did she break during lockdown makes me wonder as well

Mike hunt
2021-12-01 19:50:03

Mike you are a sad little social media troll with no life

Mike and p met at bandcamp
2021-12-01 20:00:52

Mike and p you obviously live in harlow so rather than sitting in front of your computer getting hard thinking about when your due to get you booster, maybe you could pop in and see Michelle face to face to hash out your difference of opinion 🐑 🐏 🐑

2021-12-01 20:04:42

Lmao, as a matter of fact I don’t live in Harlow - I am also unvaccinated but that’s due to medical exemption. So, wrong on both fronts there, pathetic fool. Fact is, you all have a responsibility - if you want to be a selfish douche, go ahead and be that - it’ll be etched in your headstone when you’re gone. “Here lies douche.” - and it’ll be a stark reminder that, just because you don’t think a virus is that deadly, doesn’t make it so. So quit your crying and scaremongering. I thought anti-vaxx scumbags were disallowed from spreading hate and fear anyway?

2021-12-01 20:08:31

P maybe you should speak to Mike. He's aware of the quarantine facility. It's common knowledge and easily researched. As for going willingly, not in the videos I've seen. Who on earth wants to go willingly to a quarantine camp and if you think that is OK on any level then there's seriously something wrong with you. When you start abusing me on a personal you lose any argument you may have and I simply switch off. Won't be coming back on here again to face personal abuse. Attack all your want, says more about you than it does about me. Like the man said earlier. I'm in the gym of you want a serious conversation without childish abuse