Man found not guilty of raping woman at Princess Alexandra Hospital

Crime / Thu 23rd Dec 2021 at 03:21pm

A MAN has been found not guilty of rape.

Nicholas Bell, 24, of Little Brays, Harlow, was accused of assaulting a woman at Princess Alexandra Hospital on 5 April 2020.

He had been charged with rape but, following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court was found not guilty on Tuesday, 21 December 2021.

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12 Comments for Man found not guilty of raping woman at Princess Alexandra Hospital:

2021-12-23 21:34:06

Shame the poor guy will still be guilty in Some peoples eyes.They didn’t have to plaster his name over the media! What about innocent until proven guilty:

2021-12-23 23:48:34

You put his face all over the place. An said his a rapist. People will never forget that your Harlow and other news have Destroyed his life !!

2021-12-24 00:46:49

I cannot comment on this story personally, I dont know either the victim or the accused. I am how ever a friend of who was accused of this crime. He both himself and his family were humiliated. He lost his job, his relationship. Was published in the harlow star and police investigation proved the accusation towards my friend absolutely false. Police done there job and proved the accusation so far from the truth. Of which the accuser admitted it was completely fabricated from anger . Everything was dropped. There was no article in any local newspaper disregarding my friend of this accusation No apology no counter charge even after proving the statements false. He left town. Lost contact with his family. Lost all his friends. Lost his life all due to a statement which was proven false against his name. I am all for your harlow. I think the team do a good job and usually provide accurate and useful information. From experience I will say prevention is better then cure. These stories generate publicity. People are more interested in hearing the accusation rather then the outcome. I know for a fact a story like these can ruin peoples lives. I don't know this case personally but as a journalist I understand views and publicity is also promoting your business but you should also use your position to help people 2 paragraphs is quite shameful.

2021-12-24 13:46:38

thats the media for you liam, whether guility or not mud sticks and the damage has already been done, shameful i agree

2021-12-25 10:13:39

Maybe you can publish the name of the accuser, so they can have their life ruined as well

Aunty B.
2021-12-25 18:34:41

This is absolutely appalling. This poor mans life has been destroyed at a very young age all because of an angry female seeming to want revenge, and for what? The fact that she eventually owned up to it being a false statement should automatically in my opinion mean a custodial sentence for her and forced to pay all of the costs of the investigation and trial. She should then be made to pay recompense to the young man for the destruction she has caused to him and his family and she should be named and shamed. There are too many rapes happening and for someone to make a false claim of rape makes genuine claims not want to come forward. I hope that we hear very soon that the Police/CPS will be taking action against her.

2021-12-25 23:52:11

If I remember rightly this poor young man was remanded for this , totally ruined his life . All other publishers were quick to report he was charged and remanded , where are they now apologizing to the young man . It’s bloody disgusting reporters are quick to report charges but not found not guilty

2021-12-26 09:28:29

Disgusting the way the media has ruined this mans life printing his name ,he should be able to sue the media and this woman and definitely print her name,it is terrible what this poor family has been through

Paul Dixon
2021-12-26 17:55:43

Absolutely disgusted with the fact Nick was accused and remanded in prison for over 18 months while his accuser walked free and enjoyed her life !! I hope Nick prosecutes her for lying and makes her life a misery like she did to him. Where is innocent till proven guilty??? He was hung drawn and quartered by the press and social media. They should hang their heads in shame and help Nick rebuild his ruined life ! But we know they won’t !!!

2021-12-30 09:22:35

This site is a shambles have always got facts wrong 😑 and shaming innocent people disgusting should be closed down

Nikki Obrien
2021-12-30 16:54:43

You only printed the result of not Guilty after I contacted you,, You were so quick to put his face and a picture of his house all Over your site ,, now you should print the full story ,, he has lost 18 months of his young life ,, why don’t you name her ?

2021-12-31 01:11:02

You all need to grow up. He raped me too in hospital. I have the crime reference number and was interviewed for hours, his name and picture is there for other girls to come forward, so not poor him, he is a serial rapist