Harlow’s environment boss pledges to “do all it takes ” to clean up the town in 2022

General / Sun 26th Dec 2021 at 11:53am

HARLOW Council’s environment boss, Councillor Nicky Purse, is carrying out a town-wide landscape audit by inspecting works being carried out by HTS under its winter programme. The audit is part of the council’s priority to restore pride in Harlow’s estates and neighbourhoods.

The ward-by-ward visits identify follow-up work that is needed once maintenance programme work has been completed, as well as ensure that the work carried out meets the expectations of residents and the council.

As well as the visits, Councillor Purse is doing everything possible to sort out the longstanding landscaping maintenance issues, by:

· Reviewing the service level agreement between HTS and the Council
· Speeding up the planned roll out of the winter programme works through the delivery of a new Task Force
· Beginning work on a new tree maintenance policy

Followed recent visits to Sumners, Katherines and Bush Fair, Councillor Purse, said:

“The landscaping works across the town have not been good enough for far too long. Hedges, bushes, trees and all other areas of landscaping have not been dealt with properly, which is why I will do all it takes to change that and restore pride in our estates.

“The Council will not accept poor quality work or any areas being left and I will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the work done is up to the standards we require.

“There is much more work to be done, but we will do whatever it takes to fully restore pride in our wonderful estates and give Harlow the attention and TLC it deserves.”

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8 Comments for Harlow’s environment boss pledges to “do all it takes ” to clean up the town in 2022:

2021-12-26 13:19:09

A bit of preventative work to protect the environment would be great, like the prevention of the noise, water and atmospheric pollution, destruction of ancient trees, woodland, flood plain & wildlife habitat by the construction of a massive raised road across the Stort River Valley (called the Eastern Crossing) into Harlow simply to let hgv and private traffic to & from East Herts housing development (hggt) through Harlow. Don't allow it to be built and use the lower cost more environmentally and ecologically friendly routes instead. Cllrs also need to take measures to prevent the cutting down of magnificent trees like the oak in Cllr Purse's own ward in Church Langley recently where there's substantial funding of £167k to protect the environment.

Nicholas Taylor
2021-12-26 13:57:57

All this AND a cut in our Council tax. It has been clear for years that the maintenance of the estates forming Harlow have long been neglected, council houses have not been repaired and painted externally, damaged trip rails, fences and road signs have been left in a sorry state and as for tree and flower bed maintenance, well, less said the better.

2021-12-27 07:11:55

While your at it, can you put pressure on Essex Council about the Potholes, Harlow Council members seem to be quite happy to drive around Harlow avoiding the craters. Or do the Council members not own Cars. Make no mistake Harlow roads are a disgrace.

Yasmin Gregory
2021-12-27 08:34:50

It does beg the question as to why this audit has taken to long. The comments above make valid points. The 4 Essex County Councillors should be doing far more for Harlow rather than just checking in to virtual meetings and collecting their allowances.

2021-12-27 20:06:04

Maybe while He is out and about. A look up at most of the solar panel installations. Most have an inbuilt blocked guttering garden, caused by the roosting of Pigeons, which are I believe getting out of control with the numbers. In itself causing an issue with our estates.

L Edwards
2021-12-27 20:18:25

Well said Gary I myself have this issue it's a big problem & so is the amount of liter in the netswell ward area it's a joke I have a dog I clear up after but it seems not all do there is a playing field near us that's become a dumping site my dog swallowed rubbish if this field I reported it to the council who said it would be cleared up to which the workers done a job complete ticket for but they must of just cleared up the ticket they wrote out because nothing was cleared up

David Forman
2021-12-27 23:27:07

All the common land shrubbery in Savoy Wood and Holmes Meadow is long overdue for a cut. Plus, a few trees need some work including the one on the roundabout in Parsloe Road and those overhanging properties in Holmes Meadow.

Nicholas Taylor
2021-12-28 10:26:25

The Harlow Alliance Party raised the issue of a lack of tree maintenance undertaken by the Council some months ago, it has been the most common subject spoken about by residents on the doorstep when we have been out canvassing in the last three years. The Council have for years taken a reactive approach to the subject rather than a proactive one and responded to our questioning by saying that a tree maintenance programme would be put together. To date there seems very little evidence that any work has actually taken place, the winter months are the best time to do this whilst trees are not full of leaves. In the meantime, residents are faced with all sorts of problems despite repeated complaints.

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