Letter to Editor: Tories are as bad as Labour in Harlow

Your Say / Fri 25th Mar 2022 pm31 01:48pm

Dear Editor,

THE Harlow Tory administration party are as bad as the former Harlow Labour administration party of Harlow.

They keep on about about cutting and freezing the council tax in Harlow, when it has gone up compared to last year. This proves that they don’t have the courage to challenge the Tory administrated county council.

As a local councillor, you should speak up for those who elected you,  to be their voice and to make sure that the local residents receive a decent service from  the money grabbing Tory-run Essex County Council.

Number one is the people of Harlow and not the money grabbing councillors.

Kind regards.

Dan Long 

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20 Comments for Letter to Editor: Tories are as bad as Labour in Harlow:

Brian of Tumbler Road
2022-03-25 14:01:47

“All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have Harlow Council ever done for us?” “Brought peace.” “Oh. Peace? Shut up!”

james nicholson
2022-03-25 15:44:10

Brian, given the current crime rates, the terrible pot holes, water that has sewage dumped in it and a hospital that is vastly underfunded I would say Harlow Council have failed to bring any of your piss poor Monty Python impression

Mr Grumpy
2022-03-25 20:47:59

Brian You forgot to mentio the aqueducts lol

Joan Busby
2022-03-26 06:56:07

Maybe we need more independent or Green councillors. If the choice in my ward is between Labour and Tory, given their track records I will either not vote or spoil my vote in protest. I think if enough of us spoil or papers it would send a message.

2022-03-26 08:04:19

Maybe we just need to realise that it's not the policital party which is the problem. The common thing here is the long standing stale Council employees.

2022-03-26 10:06:23

The people of Harlow are the "collateral damage" of a pathetic and incompetent council that seem to take more pleasure in their pathetic, points scoring, smug, lying, playground politics than actually achieving anything of real worth the benefits the town or its residents. I used to believe that one entered into the political arena with the intent to affect change and represent those that have chosen to support one's efforts in affecting that change. Turns out its more of a power grab to be top boy in the school yard.

2022-03-26 12:25:59

What is the common element between all political parties? They're simply voices for the people trying to change the views of stale employed council folk who doing anything appears hard for the overworked and unable to do anything fast, hate accountability or making decisions or being questioned about any view of the "council collective". Having complained to the council and a private sector recently the difference is vast and shows the attitude difference. The private company recognised there were challenges, explained how the service could have been handled different to avoid the need to complain and helped swiftly resolve the issue and addressed the complaint and concern by ensuring it was fully communicated and clear. The complaint to the council went with immediate defence, the council backed up their stance and reason was justified based on xyz framework and that they failed to see the problem the complaint was regarding. Unhappy the complaint was then "independantly verified" but not really as it was by another council employee who again found in favour of the council. Who then again backed up and protecting council employees / departments with framework and policies. Nothing resolved or explained any clearer just the council protecting no1.

George Collins
2022-03-26 12:45:48

I don’t think anyone could be as bad as Labour. They left the town in a shambles, especially the town centre. I hope the Conservatives continue to deliver on their promises, but as Joan Busby says, we should have more independent councillors genuinely dealing with Harlow issues. Labour go on all the time about National and international issues they cannot alter. That is why they let the town go down.

Keith Brown
2022-03-26 12:56:27

Chris makes some very good points. Council staff and HTS have pretty cushy numbers, good pensions and high job security. Councillors and residents are seen as an irritant. They do not have the efficiency or accountability of the private sector. Maybe need to clear out the dead wood and cut taxes and outsource many more functions. If a employee is incompetent or unproductive, in the private sector they are rightly fired. We need the same in the public sector. Until then, I think voting in local elections is a waste of time. Whoever wins still has the same deadwood council employees to deal with.

Tony Durcan
2022-03-26 16:07:53

There are some interesting points made which I welcome. It’s easy to simply blame someone but to be honest people work under policy and procedure and in local government there a lot of them. Councillors like myself have triple role to the people to the council to the political party. Sometimes they blend together and a lot of the time there is challenges and friction . Regardless I do feel everyone comes into local politics with energy to try and make things work better. I fully agree we should have more diversity not only from political/non political groups but from all sectors of our community. I would like to see a more inclusive council and I know in my group we have been successful to a point by having more women councillors. When the author of this article was a councillor he brought ideas and freshness to the council chamber. Whilst we didn’t agree political we I believe worked in common endeavour. Thank you.

Melanie Fitzpatrick
2022-03-27 06:16:44

If you look at recent Parliamentary by-election results, the turnouts have been very low at around 30%. This about the level of local elections and shows that people are fed up with the main political parties. In Harlow, the situation is worst as it is generally just a choice between Labour and Conservative. They both spend most of the time bickering within their own little echo chambers often raising County or National issues that they have no control over. Harlow desperately needs more truly independent candidates looking only at real local issues. A protest vote in spoiling the ballot paper has appeal. I urge everyone who is tired of this broken system to do that rather than not vote.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-03-27 13:08:43

I am afraid it is worse than that really Melanie. However you cut it, only about 30% take the trouble to vote even when there are candidates from other Parties to choose from. We in the Harlow Alliance Party are just such an independent Party, not wedded to Westminster and to date we have not seen any real increase in voting numbers compared to the Wards where we have not had a candidate. We would love to field candidates in every ward but to match what the Tories are spending on their campaign is simply impossible, it runs to thousands of pounds. With what is going on in the world and in Ukraine at the moment you would think that people would cherish the opportunity to vote, millions have died for the privilege.

2022-03-27 20:04:28

The trouble is they are all really good at pointing the finger at each other knowing full well they are as bad as each other. Most people have no faith or confidence in any of you, all promises and nothing followed through. You must see this through the lack of people voting, we have no confidence in any of you, it makes voting a farce

Ben Graves
2022-03-27 20:22:02

I think that local elections should be about voting for independent candidates rather than political parties, who do nothing other than trying to promote their national party agendas that have little or no relevance to local issues. People are fed up with these parties. We need genuine independents who are focused on their communities. Both Labour and Tory are irrelevant to this. I will not vote for either.

Mike Collins
2022-03-28 12:55:27

Some general frustration vented here. I know that in Loughton there is a strong Loughton Residents group that has a strong base and a good number of councillors. Maybe we should seek to Ward Associations standing, looking at purely local issues, i.e. A Netteswell Ward Association, a Great Parndon Ward Association, a Mark Hall Ward Association, etc for all 11 wards. This would bring issues much closer to residents and take out the national party politics.People would vote in councillors who are focused on matters that truly relate to residents.

Karen Dawkins
2022-03-28 14:16:00

Local government is much more about administrative efficiency. It is not about national party agendas. There is not a Labour or Conservative way clearing refuse or cutting the grass. These jobs should just be done. At the moment both parties, and particularly Labour whose the council as a platform for ideological purposes which people are not interested in. They just want the jobs done properly and to keep Council tax low. Is that too much to ask. I have no interest in voting for national political parties in local elections. We need independents who concentrate on providing local services.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-03-31 14:09:46

I hope those looking for independent candidates to stand for local issues will will come out in droves and vote Harlow Alliance in May

Mark Kenning
2022-04-01 10:26:31

Dear Nicholas, is the Harlow Alliance Party standing in all wards in Harlow?

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-01 18:43:40

Hi Mark, I am afraid not. We do not have the resources to do that. Based on what we have done in the past and this year, I know that It would run into thousands of pounds. The Tories in particular seem to have unlimited resources, homes across the town have been receiving a number of leaflets in the last few weeks. Any costs incurred before the election is not counted as election expenses, only expenditure after the election is called has limits place on it, based on the number of electors in a Ward. If I was to take a guess I would say the Tories will have spent well over £20,000 leading up to this years election.

Mark Robert Edward Gough
2022-04-06 14:48:58

The facts are that the Tories have access to Robert Halfon's re-election war chest together with a sprinkling of good regular donors, many in the villages. Labour have the Trade Unions. Harlow in general is not a rich town with money to fling about at Election time. Plus if you spend money on leaflets you have to get them delivered - and that's about 3,500 houses per ward, and we have eleven wards. It's not easy to find people prepared to stand and give the time to fighting elections. Ideally you should also knock on all 3,500 doors and then hold stalls in hatches, and hand out leaflets at schools and outside the stations. Strictly speaking electioneering should be all year round. Councillors and parties should let residents know what is going on and what they have been doing. This job gets larger for County and General Elections of course. Alongside this Councillors attend meetings, meet residents and Officers, and reply to letters and calls etc. It's a big task for a basic of around £5k is it not!

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