The Lister Team celebrate in style vaccinating over 128,000 people

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AFTERNOON Tea conjures up images of sophistication, style and something that is quintessentially British – but to me that exactly sums up the Lister Medical Centre Vaccination Team from the Harlow South PCN which also includes the Hamilton Practice and the Ross practice

ON Monday 21st March the Lister team celebrated with cream teas and coffee on their success in vaccinating over 128,000 people and that number is increasing each day.

To gain some perspective of how big that number of 128,000 actually one needs to realise that the population of Harlow was estimated to be around 88,000 in 2020!  Which means that the Lister Medical Team vaccinated the population of Harlow and then some!  What an achievement for such a small and dedicated team.

For me it was fitting that we celebrated with afternoon teas as this symbolises to me ‘The Great British Spirit’ – the spirit of determination in adversity, the value of community and the spirit of charity – the spirit of lets roll-up our sleeves and ‘get stuck in’.   It was such a lovely gesture from the Lister team to acknowledge this achievement and the people who gave so much for their community.

Dr Jey from the Lister Medical Centre and the Clinical Lead for the Vaccination programme, during his speech to all the team of volunteers, vaccinators, administrators – he stressed how humbled he was to see so many people give up their time to help, how different GP surgeries worked together with one common purpose and with some volunteers even coming out of retirement or putting their retirement on hold to help the community.  We salute you ALL!

A global pandemic bought out the worst in some people and with have recent events in the Ukraine – but we cannot, should not and will not forget the ‘sense of duty’ that many in the community and people from all walks of life felt when they stepped forward to help save the lives of others.

It was a real privilege to be part of this community, to be part of this team – I would not have changed any second of it.

To the ever durable and resilient Lister Medical Team – I wish you well and good luck in the oncoming fourth dose booster campaign.

On a final note , The CEO and the Trustees of Harlow Health Centres Trust who built the Lister Medical Centre and all the Practices in the PCN have agreed to commission a work of art to commemorate this great achievement.

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5 Comments for The Lister Team celebrate in style vaccinating over 128,000 people:

Stephen Patrick
2022-03-26 10:17:24

Great achievement by all . Can we have normal doctors appointments now

Alan Dunn
2022-03-26 10:45:22

It's good that they're doing this work but we can't see our doctors as we used to because the downstairs is used for vaccinations and the upstairs is too small for a waiting room. Now that the rush is over can't they vaccinate upstairs and open up downstairs for appointments.

Edward Huxtable
2022-03-26 11:13:41

Brilliant work by the team. Only tea and coffee, something a bit stronger I would suggest.

Nicki Walker
2022-03-26 15:14:58

Great achievement with regards to the Covid vaccinations but service is dire as a doctor's surgery. Service was so much better when in the small and old building. Wait times on the telephone are ridiculous and no point in trying to get a face to face appointment. Are there actually any doctors in the building? Please can we get back to some normality, after all, the dentist surgery in the same building have been seeing patients for months.

Charlie Berry
2022-03-26 16:52:59

Well I am sure the Partners are enjoying all the extra money that they have made. Hopefully the staff will get a bonus for all their hard work especially as they are the dedicated staff that went to work every day and didn't hide behind a phone or work from home. Maybe it is now time to reopen for face to face appointments, and put the extra money into employing some more staff!

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