Robert Halfon MP backs Chancellor’s U-Turn on windfall tax

News / Thu 26th May 2022 pm31 04:12pm

THE Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has today announced a major package of cost of living support for Harlow families worth hundreds of pounds for every home. 

The lowest income families will receive over £1,200 in support grants and every Harlow home will receive at least a £400 non-repayable grant reduction from their energy bills. 

Commenting on the announcement, Robert Halfon MP said: “I have campaigned relentlessly in Parliament to cut the cost of living and today the Government have announced a £37 billion package to do that which will see Harlow homes receive hundreds of pounds of support. 

“Thousands of the lowest income Harlow homes will receive £1,200 off their bills and every home will receive at least a £400 discount from their energy bills. I am delighted that the Government has listened to my calls since January, for additional support to be funded through a Windfall tax, rather than increase financial pressures through more borrowing. The Energy Profit Levy, and additional funding announcements will go a long way to ease the cost of living burden for many in Harlow, and across the UK. I will continue to do everything possible to support Harlow residents through the difficulties that lie ahead.”

The measures include:

  • An extra £650 one-off cost of living support payment to 8 million of the lowest income households
  • A £300 Pensioner cost of living payment on top of the return of the Triple Lock – with a large uprating of the state pension next year
  • An extra £150 cost of living payment for those on disability benefits
  • An extra £500 million for the £2 billion Household Support Fund
  • A £400 Energy Bills non-repayable grant for every home

These come on top of the:

  • £330 National Insurance Contribution cut 
  • Income Tax cut
  • Universal Credit 8% Taper Rate cut
  • 5p Fuel Duty cut
  • £1,000 increase to the National Living Wage
  • £200 Council Tax cut for 90% of Harlow homes

The Chancellor set out the difficult financial situation the country faces, but made clear the Bank of England will tackle rising inflation and that the Government will deliver tight financial control over the economy. The announcements today bring the cost of living support provided this year to over £37 billion – on top of the £400 billion the Government provided through the pandemic.

The £37 billion of support announced today is to be largely funded by the new temporary, targeted Energy Profit Levy which is set to raise £5 billion to cut the cost of living. This has been called for by Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon, in Parliament since January. 

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4 Comments for Robert Halfon MP backs Chancellor’s U-Turn on windfall tax:

don't vote for me
2022-05-26 17:22:05

Does anyone else think that announcing this a day after the Susan G report is a cynical attempt to deflect attention from the prime minister. After all, even Mr Halfon has been calling for this since January

2022-05-27 08:19:14

Robert 90% of Harlow homes do not receive £200 Council tax cut. There are more than 10% of Harlow homes above band D. Could you publish the real figures and not just assume 90% get it. But the pensioners increase is welcome even though YOU voted not to give the triple lock to those members of society who were promised it in your Election Manifesto.

gary roberts
2022-05-27 16:27:37

I thought there was no money left at the Treasury after the MP' had been given a pay rise.

Struggling & grief
2022-05-27 23:21:14

All you MPs have to say what’s right. And then do something to make things right. Lock down meant “lock down” for me and my children. My children missed out on education, birthdays, socialism and the town’s cultural ways for 2 whole years for what? This so called “emergency” budget isn’t going to correct the Anti-social behaviour of my children and their mental health. Yes, i am grateful for what the government has done in this new “emergency” funding but there’s still no funding on top of that for what the unnecessary school closures during covid has done. I’m sorry, I am a conservative, but it needs to be with the people. I now have a lockdown teen, people always bang on about. The lock down babies but not the teens. Our government have ruined them emotionally while they sat there drinking wine and clearly partying

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