Robert Halfon: We must see government act on 5p cut to fuel duty

General / Tue 14th Jun 2022 at 08:45am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon says the Government must do more to help motorists cope with the rising cost of petrol.

Mr Halfon said it was “unaffordable” for people to be facing having to find £100 each time they fill up their tank at the pumps.

In an interview with GB News he also criticised petrol companies saying they were quick to hike what they charge for petrol when international oil prices increase, but slow to reduce charges when oil costs fall.

He said: “We’ve got to see further movement on the 5p cut in fuel duty which the Government announced a few weeks ago.

“They need to cut VAT or cut fuel duty further. Let’s get it done. It’s unaffordable for people to be spending £100 to fill up their car. Millions of businesses can’t live under these pressures.

But this isn’t just about business. I have been arguing for a long time that this impacts all areas of society. It’s hitting care workers and NHS workers. The Government needs to come up with more measures. They’ve got to act quickly to deal with this problem.’

His comments came as a Tory MP explained why she voted against the PM in last week’s confidence motion.

Dehenna Davison, the MP for Bishop Auckland, said she based her decision on the views of her constituents.

Speaking to GB News Ms Davison said: “It was a big decision and it was a big question we were being asked. I think there’s been this perception that any Tories who voted against Boris Johnson did so because of Partygate, but it’s not simply about that.

“Hearing reflections of my constituents and what they went through during the Covid pandemic, and how disappointed they were with what was going on in No. 10, that was one factor. However the issue for me was also the fact we have this 80 seat majority and obviously the country is in very difficult circumstances at the moment. And I just feel we should be doing more. We should be more Conservative, we should be cutting taxes and giving businesses the opportunity to thrive. So for me that was more of the reason why I voted the way I did.”

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