Plans for more 5G masts across Harlow

Planning / Tue 21st Jun 2022 at 02:30pm

PLANNING applications for a number of 5G masts have been submitted to Harlow Council.

Proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G street pole and additional equipment cabinets.

Mast adjacent to 131 To 143 Hookfield, Tawneys Road.

Mast adjacent to Little Brays Common Room, Little Brays.

Land adjacent to 31 Rundells, Commonside Road.

Mast adjacent to 124 Greygoose Park Kingsmoor Road.

Mast adjacent to 8 Slackbury Hatch Harberts Road.

Go to https://planningonline.harlow.gov.uk

Search for: HW/PNT/22/00260

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12 Comments for Plans for more 5G masts across Harlow:

Daniel Long
2022-06-21 17:32:22

No, No,No in my books.

2022-06-21 18:42:30

Daniel. I'm glad they aren't looking in your books.

Kim Oconnor
2022-06-22 08:23:04

It's a NO from me.

Kim Dunn
2022-06-22 21:40:52

It's a NO from me..they are lethal..and an eyesore

2022-06-23 14:52:32

You people are weird. Radio towers? Fine. TV Ariels? Fine. 2G/3G/4G masts over the years? Fine. Wifi in every home and shop? Fine. But 5G is where you draw the line and start calling it dangerous and an eyesore..? It’s just the next step in the evolution of wireless communications. What exactly makes 5G so bad that all the other wireless radio technologies don’t have? Nothing, get a grip. Can’t wait for when 6G is developed in the coming years and everyone freaks out again over something that does little else than make your phone’s internet a bit faster.

Hugh Miles
2022-06-24 11:22:43

The mast in Little Brays will be beside a lovely tree near the common room,it will be at least 6 meters higher than the tree, and they will probably kill it by cutting the roots and trimming it back. We have very little space for children to play on in this area, and this is area is used by younger kids as it is back from the road. The area is already an eyesore with the common room and flats over looking this area, and this would make the whole place look run down. There is plenty of open space that this could be placed, so why put it in the middle of a residential zone, what about the Purford Green School building site that has been untouched for 2 years or the paddling pool area by the bowling club to mention just a couple. Please object to Harlow planning online register using search number 22/00261, and also put it in writing.

Angeka Fiddes
2022-06-25 22:13:02

This is uninsured technology and I will oppose the bloody lethal thing being erected 10 metres from where I live and close to two Preschools and a Primary School. I encourage everyone to refuse to pay Council Tax until they have seen the insurance details for these masts, they are not insured for good reason.

Carol Owen
2022-06-27 19:12:22

Can everyone that has raised objections on this comments page make sure they have raised it formerly on the Harlow Council website or in writing otherwise it won't count. Thanks in advance https://planningonline.harlow.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=RD9R9OHXH0400

Barbara Byham
2022-06-27 21:49:32

Ive lived in my present home for 41 years. Some years ago I applied for planning permission for a bay window to be installed. It was refused on the grounds it was not in keeping with the area! So how is it that a huge 48ft telecoms tower plus it entourage of four accompying metal carcases, positioned slap bang in the middle of a busy walkway in a built up residential area, even ever be considered? These monstocities are rediculously obseen to look at and to place them in a residential areas is outrageous. Regardless of what the World Health Organisation states on the safe levels of emmitions these carbunkles chuck out, no one can safely guarentee theyre perfectly harmless. Put them far away from homes, schools and the like. Hide them in woodlands, wasteland or industrial areas if need be where people dont live, not where people reside with the posible unknown risk of being exposed to the unknown 24/7 . The thinking in this planning application clearly wasnt for the welfare of the families, young and old within Little Brays. Take your large pole Telecoms Company and place it where the sun doesnt shine!

Joe Millennial
2022-07-24 15:09:40

Oh cry me a river for all the poor poor boomers with PHD’s from Facebook who might lose a few £ on their house value which won’t mean anything as the housing market rises at a ridiculous rate. Never said anything regarding FM, VHF/UHF, 2G,3G,4G…. Yet 5G and we are all doomed! Why don’t you all be honest and just say “I don’t want this near my house because It will spoil the view from by kitchen” and cut the BS about public health. No problems with roads full of cars, buses, vans passing by home and schools which pollute the environment…. but 5G and all our brains will explode! Nothing is 100% safe in this world and everything carries risk….. doesn’t stop your dragging your caravans everything at the weekends with your 4x4’s or jetting off to your saga holiday does it???

2022-09-20 08:06:36

Yes please!! I hardly have any usable phone signal in most of Harlow!

2023-11-30 16:49:09

Lol at all the No's with zero shred of evidence of danger to health. It's just a case of not in my street and the fact these cave dwellers don't use the Internet that much and are technophobe plain and simple.

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