Eid Festival celebrated at Harlow Islamic Centre

Communities / Wed 13th Jul 2022 am31 09:02am

THERE was a great community feel to the Eid celebrations held at the Harlow Islamic Centre at the weekend.

Participants enjoyed a free barbecue as well as a host of other activities including football, basketball, arts and crafts and a bouncy castle.

The chair of the Harlow Islamic Centre, Abdul Khaliq said: “I would like to thank everyone for coming to our event.

“I wish Muslim community of Harlow and across the UK a very happy Eid.

“Thank you to members of all communities for attending our event.”

The leader of the Harlow Labour group was also in attendance.

Cllr Vince said: “It was wonderful to attend the Eid festival at Harlow Islamic Centre on Sunday. 

“Not only did we get to try some wonderful food we also met with members of Harlow’s Islamic community and were made to feel very welcome. 

“A good time was had by all!

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4 Comments for Eid Festival celebrated at Harlow Islamic Centre:

David Forman
2022-07-14 10:53:02

Nice to see some Harlow councillors attending this event with the Labour Group represented by councillors Chris Vince and James Griggs. From this news article I assume the more numerous Conservative councillors failed to attend. Perhaps Baroness Warsi's comments about Islamaphobia in the Conservative Party are worth a revisit? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/boris-johnson-sajid-javid-tell-mama-muslim-conservative-b937142.html%3famp

David Carter
2022-07-14 13:38:38

Hello David I did attend and enjoyed the event and hospitality of the hosts

David Forman
2022-07-14 17:14:16

Nice to see Cllr David Carter from the local Conservative Party attending. Perhaps future news articles should be balanced when stating councillors attended events so that false impressions are not created? For instance, were there any representatives of the Green Party at this event?

David Carter
2022-07-14 18:41:21

Thanks David

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