Review: Outstanding production of The Cherry Orchard by MHP Theatre

Entertainment / Sat 16th Jul 2022 pm31 01:33pm

The Cherry Orchard by MHP Theatre

Review by Emelia DeFreitas

THIS evening I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Moot House Player’s rendition of ‘The Cherry Orchard’. 

The play with four acts delved into the family’s love of their estate and their struggles of relationships and money were unfolded in front of the audience’s eyes. 

The ‘in-the-diamond’ staging made me feel as if I was a fly on the wall, watching the chaos of the family unveil. It helped the audience feel immersed into the characters, laughing as they laughed and feeling sorrow just as they did! 

The play opened with Donna Fedorovna, the maidservant (played by Eve-Marie Downey). The character of Donna had a refreshingly childish and giggly side which contrasted all the other characters. Eve-Marie used remarkable facial expressions to reveal this part of her character and she was impressive at bringing the story to life through the way she reacted to everything happening on stage. 

Fiers the old footman (played by Michael Branwell) was a character which in my opinion effortlessly stole the show in every scene he was in. It seemed as if Michael wasn’t even acting, his comical remarks added a twist to the tragic performance. 

Every character had a different relationship with one another but one I enjoyed watching was the siblings Madame Lydia Ranevsky (played by Concetta Clarizio) and Leonard Gaev (played by Chris Millington). The final scene with the two of them was very emotional, really pulled on the heart strings! Concetta Clarizio’s engaging voice expressed her feelings beautifully. 

The storyline was excellent and full of secrets and twists, some only caught on to if you paid full attention!

The entire cast were very professional and it was easy to forget that I was watching a show and not watching real people go about their lives! 

The costumes and set reflected the era wonderfully and having the characters use modern English didn’t take away the period feel! 

Tonight’s performance was the second of three. Make sure to head to Moot House for 7:30 tomorrow night for the final performance of the Moot House Player’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’. 

Emelia De Freitas

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