Princess Alexandra Hospital make an appeal over use of A and E

Health / Mon 18th Jul 2022 at 11:57am

PRINCESS Alexandra Hospital (PAH) have made an appeal to Harlow residents as they have revealed they are experiencing high demand for their services.

They have not made any reference to the weather, but temperatures in Harlow were already at 34 degrees (96 degrees) at lunchtime.

A PAH spokesperson said: ” We are experiencing an extremely high demand for the services of our emergency department (A&E).

“If you’re unsure of the right place for your healthcare needs, #NHS111 can give you advice on the best option for you.”

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7 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital make an appeal over use of A and E:

Mr Grumpy
2022-07-18 13:32:59

I bet most people go straight to A&E because 111 is far to painful to use and too much red tape to go through !! Chances are a person could be dead long before 111 finish the call !!!

2022-07-18 14:09:53

Contact your GP? How? Where are they? I was booked an out of hours doctor callback to be told I needed to insist on a face to face appointment at my doctors surgery as I needed to be examined. A friend of mine is receiving test results from an out of hours doctor by telephone consultation. Someone please explain what's going on. Put more doctors in surgeries instead of at the end of telephones+stop receptionists deciding how a patient needs to treated.

2022-07-18 14:36:34

Spot on with your last point Jean. Receptionists or "Care Navigators" as they are sometimes called, do their best under trying circumstances BUT it can take too much time to deal with each call, such that the queue lengthens. Recently, I was 17th in the queue at just gone 8am but it took 30 minutes to get to number 15. Thereafter another care navigator must have started their shift as the queue moved a lost faster. Either that or people ahead of me just gave up! On visiting Lister Medical Centre recently the staff car park was not even half-full. Ample evidence that GPs are staying away and perhaps hiding behind Covid. I hope Health Care assistants, Care Navigators, Physios etc are being paid an enhanced rate in taking over some of the GPs responsibilities

2022-07-19 09:47:45

Have not seen my doctor in 3yrs. Any appointment held over the phone, last one prescribed antibiotics. I have a lung disease which has worsened, not interested, take a tablet is their answer.

2022-07-19 11:03:18

Really feel for the doctors and nurses at A&E being run of there feet by time wasters plus patients who are unable to see there own GPS where they are unable to get past the rocky on reception they are referring people to A@E which basically they don't need to do surly by now GP surgery's should be completely open to see patients to avoid them having to go to A&E

Johnny who backs the (surgical) support workers
2022-07-20 13:35:28

Well there's only so much you can do with plasters and TCP! Helllp!🤢⚰️🤔

2022-07-20 17:56:37

It’s all a disgrace now, too many unnecessary so called Managers need to be got rid of

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