Paddling pools set to be open for schools holidays

Communities / Wed 20th Jul 2022 pm31 05:34pm

HARLOW Council plans to start filling up the town’s paddling pools at Bush Fair, Norman Booth, Sumners and the Town Park from Monday (25 July 2022).

If the filling of the paddling pools proceeds as expected, they will open from Wednesday 27 July 2022.

This is because it can take up to two days to fill each paddling pool. However, Potter Street splash park is expected to reopen on 25 July 2022.

The situation is being kept under review given the impact of the recent extreme heatwave and the reduced water supply to the town. Updates on the pools will be issued as normal and the council’s website – www.harlow.gov.uk/paddling-pools – will have the latest information too.

The pools were originally due to start being filled up from Monday (18 July), but this was delayed due to local demand for water caused by extreme temperatures.

To make sure there is no additional disruption to the local water supply, the council has been in contact with Affinity Water. The water company continues to work on managing the town’s water levels following increased demand on supplies. Many homes in the town continue to experience low water pressure with some residents left with no supply at all. This means the council must take a more cautious approach than normal when filling the town’s paddling pools and running its splash park at Potter Street.

Councillor Joel Charles, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Community and Business Resilience, said:

“Following the recent heatwave, I suspect young families will be keen to cool down at their local paddling pool. The opening of the town’s paddling pools is always greeted with great excitement as it coincides with the school summer holidays. These much-loved and popular community facilities are planned to be fully open next week.

“I know the delay will disappoint families and I am sorry for the disruption, but there is a good reason why. The council has a responsibility to ensure that the filling up of the paddling pools, which coincides with the town experiencing lower than normal water levels, does not impact on the work to manage the town’s water supply. The town’s water pressure is expected to return to normal gradually as Affinity Water takes action to manage its reservoirs. Unfortunately, if the water pressure is low, the council cannot fill the pools to a sufficient level, quick enough, to enable their safe operation. The safety of all is always the council’s primary concern.

“The council is also mindful that the extreme weather could return at some point during the school holidays. Once the pools open, council officers will take steps to manage any refilling of the pools if another extreme heatwave arrives during the summer, and additional measures will be put in place to responsibly manage the water supply servicing the facilities.”

Currently, Staple Tye paddling pool is closed whilst it is being transformed into a new wet play space. It will include splash park activities and a paddling pool area. Unfortunately, this work has been delayed due to theft, damage and vandalism at the site and ongoing supply issues. Contractors continue to work on-site to make the new facility ready as quickly as possible. It is estimated that the new park will open on 13 August 2022. The council is sorry that the opening will be delayed. This is due to factors outside of the council’s control and it is hugely frustrating for all that it won’t be ready to open for the start of the summer holidays. The council will keep residents updated about the progress of the works.

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5 Comments for Paddling pools set to be open for schools holidays:

2022-07-20 17:46:16

Is there not a ask from the water companies to not waste water? Should we really be turning on swimming pools and paddling areas? Come on, do your bit like we’re all asked to do…no exceptions

2022-07-20 21:50:38

Lostinthemiddl, I think it was a good idea NOT TO OPEN PUBLIC PADDLING POOLS when our country exceeded 40°C. The safest place was at home in the shade/inside. I don’t agree with the water company cutting pressure. I’m on a combi with a shower only with 4 children. We couldn’t cool down in a shower and the bath would cost me more than my gas & electric this month. We all know how to conserve water.

2022-07-20 21:53:26

P.s. *If I had a bath it would have cost me more. Sorry, missed a sentence.

2022-07-21 14:59:32

Get real- get the pools opened for the kids, I agree in the delay due to high temp but end of July is good! As for staple tye, what a big mistake doing that one first, full of kids n lie life’s trashing anything good, such a crap area, having worked at Blockbuster Video there 30hrs ago, I had my fair share of crap from kids! Obviously not all kids the same, but the ones that ruin it for others! Same goes for the low life’s that torched the kids swings in the new playground at town park Farm opposite us, was without swings for months! These kids need a good slap on the wrists n banged up in youth offenders with hard labour!

2022-07-24 01:46:39

I agree to the pools being delayed due to the extreme heat, however this town over the years has slowly taken everything for children away, getting rid of parks, play schemes, majorities, and rainbow bus etc. The one thing left that kids love in the summer holidays is the lidos, and now your thinking of taking that away too. Admittedly there's plenty of things to do around town for kids, if and only if you have at least £150 per day per child to spend, everything involving a family fun pack day out with children costs stupid amounts of money that people haven't got, therefore leaves the parents feeling guilty and some turning to crime pay for there kids to have 1 day out of 6wks to enjoy themselves, or the kids just go around get into trouble, cause havoc etc because of boredom. With the pools being open, it gives parents the chance to socialise with other and friends to meet up and have a enjoyable day, that costs nothing except a picnic a day. Mental health is at a high with so many struggling, this is why! No communication within the community anymore, because technology has taken over and people don't have to leave their homes or even bother to get dressed, just sit indoors day after day relying on a robot on webchat to get all things needed.

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