Letter to Editor: The cost of living allowance and hard working tax payers

Your Say / Fri 22nd Jul 2022 at 08:24am

Dear Editor,

IF anything, this cost of living allowance should be paid to the hard working tax payers who earn less than £50.000 per-household and not to those who are on universal credits or any form of benefits.

It has been proven that the majority of those in poverty are the hard working tax payers who earn less than £50,000 per household and pensioners who own their own houses but have worked hard all their lives, like my parents

This system is all wrong.

Kind regards


Dan Long.

Former UKIP councillor for Bush Fair

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15 Comments for Letter to Editor: The cost of living allowance and hard working tax payers:

2022-07-22 08:36:17

Ahhh. The good old f#@k you attitude. The life blood of the ukip supporters.

2022-07-22 08:51:02

Ukip sounds like something you take for insomnia🤔

2022-07-22 08:59:14

cant you read danny "It has been proven that the majority of those in poverty are the hard working tax payers who earn less than £50,000 per household" , "workers not shirkers" they are far too many people in the uk who think that the goverement owes them a living and they can purely live off benefits

2022-07-22 08:59:44

It was noticable on Tuesday that the pubs, que for fags and scratch cards were busier than normal. As our hard earned taxes landed in certain peoples accounts.

2022-07-22 09:12:07

Giving this payment to households in one lump sum was a mistake. It probably gave them an easier month but if the payment had been spread out over a longer term then it would of been more money for energy bills and food longer term without being patronising of course the temptation is going to spend it quickly

Jawad Sharief
2022-07-22 09:29:23

Dan Long tough luck my dad paid £1,250,0000 in taxes and i raised £35 million for the british heart foundation and i got a Testamonial from the chief executive Simon Gillepsie who then got knighted i contributed more to the united kingdom economy than you and your family put together Dan long

2022-07-22 09:33:21

Is Mr Long some sort of parody? That's what his letter reads like...

2022-07-22 10:40:58

All we read about are not enough workers. Make people work for their benefits. So if you receive £100 per week and min wage is £10.00 per hour then you get work 10 hours. Why does no political party do this?

2022-07-22 14:36:13

I believe the favourite ploy is, being told by jobcentre you've got to go to a certain job, you do 1 shift and then disappear but according to the ryanair boss we need European workers because the English are lazy, more of a case of paying crap wages me thinks.

2022-07-22 15:44:23

I'm sure that all the disabled people currently getting benefits would gladly swap their disability for the opportunity to work. Anyone thinking those on benefits are lazy, care to donate any of their arms or legs, and pay for the surgery, do the disabled "benefit scroungers" can work? Why should those who have the least not get help for the problems caused by others. Was it the people on benefits who decided not to refurbish a gas storage facility, therefore making gas prices more volatile? Is it the people on benefits who speculate on the price of gas & oil therefore putting the prices up? Is it the people on benefits who decide what the electricity prices are? Is it the people on benefits who decide what the interest rates are? The people on benefits are the ones who benefit the least from any tax cuts, and pay the most (as a proportion of income) in VAT. As for giving it as a lump sum, isn't it a Conservative/right wing trope that people should be able to do what they want with their money? Pensioners and others on other benefits get their heating allowance as a lump sum, so why should this be any different? If anyone is really concerned about taxpayers money being wasted, how about the staggering amounts wasted by the MOD. MoD mismanagement led to £4.8 billion of taxpayers’ money being handed out for cancelled contracts and £5.6 billion on overspent projects, while a further £2.6 billion of investment was been written off. That is the equivalent of about 3 new hospitals for Harlow.

2022-07-22 16:51:49

Agree with this letter.Stop benefits for all lazy people( is like 90% which are claiming them), this country is full of scumbags!!!!! Go to work english chows and work your ass off,as country is struggling now Government should support working class not this scumbags. No education, no nothing just demands thats what the have

David Forman
2022-07-22 23:56:36

The biggest welfare scroungers are the banks that were bailed out by the public following the credit crunch in 2007/8. The National Audit Office reported in July 2011 that the peak cost was £1.162 trillion (a trillion is a million million (1,000,000,000,000).

David Forman
2022-07-23 00:57:53

Also, we must not forget the corporations avoiding/evading tax and the super rich tax dodgers who stash their money overseas in tax havens. The Tax Justice Network calculated that in 2021 the UK total annual tax loss was £38.7billion at a dollar/pound conversion ratio of 1.3443. Of this corporations were responsible for £19.74billion and wealthy individuals stashing their money in tax havens cost us £18.96billion. Our own HMRC stated their figure for 2021 of a tax gap of £35billion. https://taxjustice.net/reports/the-state-of-tax-justice-2021/

Waida Forman
2022-07-23 09:42:21

Instead of workers having to rely on benefits, why not campaigning for better pay. What does Dan think how people who can't work survive? I am surprised to hear this from him, who works in a caring profession. I wonder, Dan, did you write this? If you did, the your writing style has changed drastically. Dan Long should know that we don't kick people when they are down, instead we give them a helping hand.

2022-07-23 21:58:50

Well said JD

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