Letter to Editor: In support of Passmores Academy Head Vic Goddard

Politics / Thu 28th Jul 2022 pm31 03:06pm

Dear Sir

I WRITE in support of Vic Goddard who unlike the Conservative government has always put the young people in his care and of our town first.  Harlow is very lucky to have such a dedicated public servant who is confident to speak out against the Government, whatever their political colour, when he believes they are behaving wrongly or making claims that are unfounded.  Like Mr Goddard I remain sceptical about the Conservative MP for Harlow’s promises.  You only have to look at the empty piece of land next to the M11 to understand why.

As a former teacher I saw first hand the damage this Conservative government have done to the education system and by disenfranchising teachers, cuts to per pupil funding and a narrowing of the curriculum it is the next generation who are going to suffer the most and that makes me genuinely really sad.

I am sure I will be accused of political point scoring but I make no apologies for it.  I worked in education long before I joined the Labour Party and in fact got involved in politics for exactly the reason I have stated, I saw what the Conservatives were doing to harm our young people’s futures.  Sadly 12 years on the fight continues!

Chris Vince

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2022-07-29 18:10:31

The public can’t win with state education. Tories cut the funding so the job can’t be done and Labour changed it from education to indoctrination. Education should provide people with tools to get by in life. Things like why education is important and how to teach yourself new things, and shock horror, how to invest and manage you finances. Sadly these things are not taught in this country. All they seem to do to the Kids these days is mess with their minds and throw some facts to see if they stick. I know lots of young people in their 20’s( my Kids friends), and they are all praying they can afford private education for their children when the time comes. So thank you to the successive Tory and Labour governments that have brought this about. Er I won’t mention the NHS

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