Harlow man Lee Mulvey sentenced to four years for drugs and weapon offences

Crime / Thu 4th Aug 2022 at 07:43am

A HARLOW man has been jailed for four years for drug offences.

Lee Mulvey was sentenced on July 26th at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Mulvey was sentenced to four years for possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

He was also sentenced to two months imprisonment for possession of a weapon for the discharge of a noxious liquid/gas/electrical incapacitation device. This will run concurrent with the above sentence.

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11 Comments for Harlow man Lee Mulvey sentenced to four years for drugs and weapon offences:

David Forman
2022-08-04 09:33:19

I wonder, what is the point of convicting someone of a second offence and then sentencing them to a term of imprisonment to run concurrently rather than consecutively?

2022-08-05 07:47:13

That's always puzzled me . It really is literally a "get out of jail ticket " for one or more offence . Why ?

Jordan victor
2022-08-05 11:45:34

My guy free up system corrupt

Judge johnny
2022-08-06 07:00:12

Sounds like a decent chap to me just wag of the finger from the 'justice (lol) system' and send him back into the general populace to mug and drug away to his heart's content🤪

2022-08-07 15:41:47

nothing but a thug and deserves all he gets see what a nobody he is in prison .

2022-08-07 21:03:41

your hiding your name though aren’t you Happy. Why not say your name ? Think your tad worried huh.

2022-08-29 00:47:37

Should’ve got longer. Joke sentence. Coke dealer with a taser. Should have got a lot lot lot longer.

2022-09-02 08:16:38

Lee Mulvey was a front line soldier in Afghanistan, he’s also a boxer so I’m sure Prison will be a breeze. At least he is off the streets pushing drugs for a while

Danny Stonehouse
2022-09-24 12:49:39

Yeah not seeing his kids and wife must be a breeze. Saying that, can’t really care about them too much if he was willing to deal Class A drugs in front of them. Should’ve got longer. Disgusting parasite sucking the life out of Harlow.

Miracore investment
2022-09-30 11:58:56

Less drugs off the street is good for the economy!!!!

2022-09-30 12:01:19

I’ve travelled both Italy and Australia and this is the worst crime I’ve heard since I lent my friend £1000 and never saw it again!!

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