Harlow Labour continue to express concerns over HTS

Business / Wed 10th Aug 2022 at 09:16am

TWO Harlow Labour councillors have expressed their concerns over the future of the town’s homes and environment company, HTS.

YH spoke to councillors Chris Vince and James Griggs to find out more.

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11 Comments for Harlow Labour continue to express concerns over HTS:

David Forman
2022-08-10 10:34:27

Labour councillors Nancy Watson and Chris Vince failed to do their homework on the HTS Business Plan. Had they carefully read page 10 they would see that staff at new subsidiary companies (Construction the first) will have worse terms and conditions than the existing workforce. Unison, the public sector union, will point out the danger of creating a two-tier workforce in that eventually the terms and conditions will be levelled down, not up. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.unison.org.uk/get-help/knowledge/contracts/two-tier-workforce/%3famp

2022-08-10 10:43:02

Would be better if HTS and Harlow Council were more transparent and accountable to Harlow residents. The environment has to be at the top of any agenda but neither seem to be addressing the issue effectively or efficiently.

Waida Forman
2022-08-10 10:47:42

How do Councillors Vince and Griggs feel about the change of employment terms for new employees? Do they agree with this, if not, why didn't they challenge the plan? All they are concentrating on is that HTS remains in house. They don't seem to understand the importance of the employees terms and conditions. Rule number 1 when Tories run the council and the country: Divide and Conquer.

2022-08-10 11:04:32

Public services aren't businesses! Taxes aren't optional and residents have no choice to change providers for services, so the market theory that is misapplied by politicians simply does not work. HTS is effectively part of the Council and pay scales need to be fair across the organisation, much the same as any Council employee pay scales to match. Whilst people generally get paid more for driving a desk than a dust cart in all weathers, and there's discrimination between white and blue collar employment these problems will continue. We have all seen that when "business" principles get involved companies are simply driven by the bottom line, to deliver huge profits and nothing else. eg Veolia Billions of profits

2022-08-10 11:11:02

Is this the same HTS that when Labour were In power created/hired and agreed all the terms for? Is this like the development plan etc, great when they were in power but now they’re not they’re finding all the problems with it

David Vincent
2022-08-10 11:24:07

Labour Councillors Chris Vince and Nancy Watson sat on the Shareholder Sub-Committee that discussed the new Business Plan over a "near ten-month period" and agreed to its objectives on March 23 this year. Now in August, Chris Vince gets interviewed and no mention of worse terms and conditions of employment! Paragraph 37 of the minutes of 23 March meeting says: 'Overall, the Sub Committee supported the Business Plan ambitions.'

Danny Long
2022-08-10 17:17:12

In my opinion, H,T,S stands for Haven't the slightest.

2022-08-10 20:48:17

In my dealings with HTS, I always find them to be helpful when contacting them regarding a repair. Very reliable and efficient when carrying out any repairs, and the workforce are always polite and leave your home in the same way they found it. Most of staff even take their shoes off when entering your home, so as not to trail dirt or mud into the house. Very satisfied with the service.

Tony Durcan
2022-08-11 19:16:27

It’s my understanding when I was a Director of HTS was that the commercial ie private part of HTS whilst under the umbrella of HTS is a stand alone business. This protects the main business for any liability or bankruptcy.As a new company it will have its own leadership team but may share some back office services. The new business will work within a governance framework and will report to a yet to be formed new executive board for HTS. This is a private company and therefore can and will set its own Terms and conditions. It won’t be able or want to access the local government pension scheme. Profits if any will be shared with the umbrella company HTS to invest. The significant worry is will HTS spend too much time setting this up and therefore not maintain its core contract to Harlow. I personally worry about this opportunity as they are joining a fairly well established area and therefore they may struggle to succeed. What we can’t allow is services to Harlow to be effected and therefore asking these type of questions are very reasonable rational and sensible. Core services are critical Profit is desirable.

2022-08-12 10:38:28

My opinion on HTS is that they are complacent in their work, dam right lazy, & most of them at every opportunity will find a Corner in a carpark somewhere on the estates to either have a kip, a fag or on their mobile phones. In all the time I have lived here they have never got it right, they are not concerned one bit about residents of the repairs etc they carry out, that if they get to do it at all. The only concern with HTS employees is: arrive for work @ 8 go out on their job after being briefed @ 9 get to the tenant have a quick look then say got to go back to get materials!! Can't they bring them with them? When they return it's "we are just off for some breakfast, when they eventually get back half hour later it time for lunch, when back from that they don't work for long as by this time got to drive back to yard & yes you got it "clock off" they also get a wage for this!! Wow 😳 The workmanship is cowboy, you wait for ages to get appointment that's if you can get them on phone in first place, & as for the receptionist they need retraining instead of trying to be the directors. So my ratings on HTS is a big fat ZERO and I won't have them to do anything in my house or near it unless unfortunately I have no choice eg boiler service!!

2022-09-16 12:03:25

Jr I worked for Hts heating dept. And I can tell you now none of the engineers had time to do what your saying. So unless you work for Hts don't comment on something you know sod all about. I suppose you were whiter than white in your job , if you had one that is.

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