Harlow’s most expensive properties now five times national average

Business / Wed 24th Aug 2022 at 09:04am

A REPORT on the high-end property market in and around Harlow, detailing the streets with the highest property prices and square footage.

This report comes courtesy of Varbes.Com


House prices in Harlow average £315,000, but many properties in the area have sold for much more.

On the wealthiest street in and around Harlow, an average property is estimated to be worth £1,475,000, over five times the £286,000 national average house price.


  1. Housham Tye, CM17 Average value: £1,475,000, Average size: 1,814 sq ft
  2. Harlow Common, CM17 Average value: £1,302,000, Average size: 2,814 sq ft
  3. Wyldwood Close, CM17 Average value: £1,026,000, Average size: 2,013 sq ft
  4. Rye Hill Road, CM18 Average value: £958,000, Average size: 1,874 sq ft
  5. Church Mill Grange, CM17 Average value: £945,000, Average size: 1,187 sq ft
  6. Staffords, CM17 Average value: £887,000, Average size: 1,929 sq ft
  7. Sheering Road, CM17 Average value: £861,000, Average size: 1,736 sq ft
  8. Mill Lane, CM17 Average value: £858,000, Average size: 1,411 sq ft
  9. Upper Hook, CM18 Average value: £833,000, Average size: 1,545 sq ft
  10. Curteys, CM17 Average value: £820,000, Average size: 1,777 sq ft

Church Langley

  1. Whieldon Grange, Church Langley, CM17 Average value: £646,000, Average size: 1,401 sq ft
  2. Denby Grange, Church Langley, CM17 Average value: £596,000, Average size: 1,281 sq ft
  3. Fenton Grange, Church Langley, CM17 Average value: £589,000, Average size: 1,245 sq ft
  4. Ashworth Place, Church Langley, CM17 Average value: £589,000, Average size: 1,171 sq ft
  5. Oaktree Gardens, Church Langley, CM17 Average value: £540,000, Average size: 1,544 sq ft


Gilston Park, Gilston, CM20 Average value: £1,303,000, Average size: 2,169 sq ft
Bowlby Hill, Gilston, CM20 Average value: £806,000, Average size: 1,558 sq ft
Johnston Street, Gilston, CM20 Average value: £802,000, Average size: 1,771 sq ft
Terlings Avenue, Gilston, CM20 Average value: £617,000, Average size: 1,363 sq ft
Hankin Road, Gilston, CM20 Average value: £606,000, Average size: 1,481 sq ft


Glovers Lane, Hastingwood, CM17 Average value: £1,172,000, Average size: 1,875 sq ft
Hastingwood Road, Hastingwood, CM17 Average value: £1,063,000, Average size: 1,486 sq ft
Mill Street, Hastingwood, CM17 Average value: £888,000, Average size: 1,380 sq ft
Canes Lane, Hastingwood, CM17 Average value: £727,000, Average size: 1,485 sq ft
London Road, Hastingwood, CM17 Average value: £712,000, Average size: 1,340 sq ft

Matching Green

  1. Little Laver Road, Matching Green, CM17 Average value: £1,453,000, Average size: 2,437 sq ft
  2. Down Hall Road, Matching Green, CM17 Average value: £1,067,000, Average size: 1,569 sq ft
  3. Stonehall Grove, Matching Green, CM17 Average value: £900,000, Average size: 1,824 sq ft
  4. Hull Green, Matching Green, CM17 Average value: £881,000, Average size: 1,321 sq ft
  5. Perryfield, Matching Green, CM17 Average value: £862,000, Average size: 1,652 sq ft


  1. Robin Lane, Newhall, CM17 Average value: £692,000, Average size: 1,528 sq ft
  2. Woodpecker Lane, Newhall, CM17 Average value: £632,000, Average size: 1,575 sq ft
  3. Blackcap Drive, Newhall, CM17 Average value: £618,000, Average size: 1,528 sq ft
  4. St Nicholas Green, Newhall, CM17 Average value: £579,000, Average size: 1,511 sq ft
  5. Sparrowhawk Way, Newhall, CM17 Average value: £570,000, Average size: 1,159 sq ft


  1. Low Hill Road, Roydon, CM19 Average value: £1,764,000, Average size: 2,863 sq ft
  2. The Granary, Roydon, CM19 Average value: £1,242,000, Average size: 2,102 sq ft
  3. Langland Place, Roydon, CM19 Average value: £1,210,000, Average size: 2,781 sq ft
  4. Little Brook Road, Roydon, CM19 Average value: £1,185,000, Average size: 1,719 sq ft
  5. Grange Lane, Roydon, CM19 Average value: £1,135,000, Average size: 2,511 sq ft
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4 Comments for Harlow’s most expensive properties now five times national average:

2022-08-24 13:23:17

This is not a good thing, housing is a massively over inflated bubble. We need to get back to making thing as a nation not selling over priced houses to each other.

2022-08-24 14:55:27

Just stop eating so many avocadoes and having so many TV subscriptions then you too can afford a property :) ...right?

2022-08-24 18:30:48

It's absolutely bonkers in Harlow for property we just sold our house in Harlow was going to stay kids in school etc but the houses which are 200k more are only marginally bigger it wasn't worth getting in more debt. We have ended up going out half hour further now in Braintree and got a semi with half an acre plot for the price of 4 bed in Harlow. When we came to Harlow 7 years ago houses were affordable now they are coming into London prices. £600k for newhall house with a paddling pool sized garden lmao.

2022-08-24 23:31:45

Benjamin, I can understand your rationale. However, what you describe is precisely what is happening to the market on Harlow. With the growth of hybrid working, people are selling on London and moving here for similar reasons to you. Harlow, with all its strategic advantages - 25 minutes by train to Central London, 2 accesses to M11, Stansted Airport, etc - is still comparatively cheap when compared to Hertford, Bishops Stortford and Epping. I have said for some time that the price gap will close. If the Town Centre is truly regenerated this will benefit the town’s economy, but will be another driver for creating more housing demand. It is the market. In the current environment, we might see a slow down, but the underlying fundamentals are pretty solid.

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