Over the border: MP meets with farmers to discuss agricultural issues

Business / Thu 1st Sep 2022 at 09:15am

HERTFORD and Stortford MP Julie Marson has met with local farmers and National Farmers’ Union (NFU) representatives to discuss agricultural issues.

Mrs Marson went to the 1000-acre Foxholes Farm near Hertford run by Catherine Smith on Friday to talk about the challenges and opportunities for the local farming community.

Items on the agenda included labour supply, the present drought, subsidies, rural crime and environmental targets.

“It is important that I regularly meet with local farmers to hear their views on a range of subjects that are important to our country and economy,” said Mrs Marson.

“It was a positive discussion on how the Government is working with the agricultural sector and recognises the challenges they face.

“As always, I will give feedback to DEFRA ministers on what I have been told.

“There is no doubt the lack of rain is a serious issue across the industry and I share the concern of farmers about this. We can only hope for a very wet autumn and winter.”

NFU county advisor Josh Redford added: “Julie has always been a strong supporter of farmers in her constituency.

“It was great to welcome her to Foxholes Farm to discuss the current issues affecting NFU members, but also the possible opportunities for the sector going forward.”

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4 Comments for Over the border: MP meets with farmers to discuss agricultural issues:

David Forman
2022-09-01 23:38:02

Why don't the MPs meet with Unite the union's Agricultural Workers section? Also, why don't MPs meet the foreign workers brought in by Gangmasters and outrageously exploited.

Farmer Giles
2022-09-02 09:09:49

And why don't the MPs meet with the poor overworked cows sheep and pigs that give their lives to the farming community....not so much as a Moo!..Baa!..Oink!..the exploitation of these poor hard working animals is atrocious!

Kim Oconnor
2022-09-02 10:40:15

We need to support our farmers , if it wasn't for our farmers through two world wars , many of us wouldn't be here today. What if there s no farmers, Lands sold , because no farmers are going to sell with out a profit In come the developer s Concrete yet again pured over our lands Old trees ripped from the lands Habitat s destroyed again Eco system s destroyed again. Lands not managed. There cattle will not roam free on lands, who will feed them, who will call vet, who will stay up all night in lambing season, who will milk the thousands of castle.... no farmers remember. Theses cattle will go to slaughter any way farmer Giles. Because they want to make a profit, Theses cattle will not roam free over our lands. Farming is a business, and if you eat meat or not, theses cattle are a business. If we don't save our farmers, we are slowly loosing our identity in this country.

Farmer Chillout
2022-09-02 13:43:12

Kim things will turn out fine just wait and see have faith in the powers that be they'll sort out the energy crisis the housing crisis..the agricultural crisis..the potholes in the road..the empty shops in the town..the Ukrainian war all will be well and you can rest easy at night and not fret about things you and I have simply no control over sit back have a cuppa and chill 👍

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