Harlow man pleads guilty to harassment charge against editor of YourHarlow

Crime / Fri 23rd Dec 2022 at 04:11pm

A HARLOW man has been sentenced after pleading guilty to the crime of “Harassment without Violence” against the editor of YourHarlow.

Jack Marks, aged 29, of Long Ley, Harlow pleaded guilty when he appeared at Colchester Magistrates Court on Wednesday December 22nd.

On October 17th, Marks had contacted the YourHarlow office demanding that a story relating to him be taken down from the digital newspaper.

The editor attempted to explain the complaints procedure but was met with a barrage of foul language.

Marks then left a number of messages on Whatsapp including threats to find the editor’s address and more foul language.

YH contacted Essex Police and Marks was soon after arrested.

Marks, who was already subject to a community order, was fined £930.00

After the court case, YourHarlow editor, Michael Casey said: “I will continue to take a zero tolerance approach to anyone speaking to me or any of my journalists in this manner.

“This is the second time, this has happened and the second time we have been down this route.

“We have a robust complaints procedure and adhere to strict reporting guidelines.

“On too many occasions, across the country, there are people (thankfully a tiny minority) who think they can speak to journalists this way.

“In 2021, I spoke to the House of Commons committee regarding intimidation of journalists and will continue to speak up to protect all my fellow reporters.

“It is my concern that there are young journalists who are leaving the profession due to similar incidents such as this.

“Finally, I would like to thank Essex Police for their professionalism in dealing with this situation”

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6 Comments for Harlow man pleads guilty to harassment charge against editor of YourHarlow:

David Forman
2022-12-23 21:20:42

Journalists should be able to report the facts without fear of intimidation or violence. A free press is one of the cornerstones of a healthy democracy. Well done Essex Police.

2022-12-24 08:06:52

Michael Casey why do you keep deleting comments then? Tell us that instead of putting news up off people without asking for there consent.

The Educator
2022-12-24 12:34:51

To Mike,. Probably deletes your comments because you can't spell. It's of, not off and their, not there.

2022-12-24 13:29:18

Luckily Freedom of speach doesn't depend on your ability to read or write it is the less educated that generally have their rights trampled on. Even if it is just dissmising their comments and feeling they have no legitimicy because you feel your educated better therfore what you say counts more.

Hans Gruber
2022-12-24 21:23:21

What article did he want taken down? The one about carrying a machete in Harlow, the racist attack in East London or the one where he stole a car?

The Educator
2022-12-24 22:31:57

To (obviously) Noteducated, in an effort to raise spelling standards, it should be speech, not speach, dismissing, not dissmising and you're not your. Most devices have spell-checkers, so it shouldn't be too difficult.