Harlow man found guilty of causing actual bodily harm

Crime / Wed 11th Jan 2023 at 09:10am

A HARLOW man has been found guilty of causing actual bodily harm.

Stuart Smart, aged 47, of The Rundells, Harlow was found guilty (in his absence) of the following at Chelmsford magistrates court.

On February 5th, 2022 at Harlow, assaulted a male, thereby occasioning him, actual bodily harm
Contrary to section 47 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

Smart was made subject of a community order and carry out 200 hours of unpaid work in the next twelve months.

He was also fined £650.00

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17 Comments for Harlow man found guilty of causing actual bodily harm:

Concerned resident
2023-01-11 13:01:44

This man appears at court time and time again with no action taken Shouldn't we as harlow residents feel safe and protected from these sorts of people We as harlow residents need more done so we can feel safe

Glenda G
2023-01-11 16:47:56

Is this the outcome of when an elderly man lost his life in spencers croft please?

Mr B
2023-01-11 16:58:27

This can't be related to the spencers croft incident as I'm sure this happened around Easter time 2022 this man sounds extremely dangerous and I'm wondering if he is safe wandering the streets

Mr B
2023-01-11 16:59:04

This can't be related to the spencers croft incident as I'm sure this happened around Easter time 2022 this man sounds extremely dangerous and I'm wondering if he is safe to be wandering the streets

Concerned resident
2023-01-11 17:24:20

Mr b this is the same man who assaulted that man but not enough evidence to take to court He's been to jail before Judge just let him off

Concerned resident
2023-01-11 17:25:32

Mr b this is the same man who assaulted that man but not enough evidence to take to court He's been in front of judge on many occasions

Concerned resident
2023-01-11 17:27:14

Glenda g Same person but Not convicted

2023-01-11 20:06:46


Glenda G
2023-01-12 05:04:35

Concerned resident, that is shocking. I really cannot believe that the elderly man died because of that whatever his name is , and he didnt go to prison for many years, he just got a fine and community service? Something is not right there.

Concerned resident
2023-01-12 09:08:15

Wonder if this is connected to the incident at the shark pub

2023-01-12 14:52:22

Glenda dunno who you are you need to keep your opinions to yourself was any of you there and see what happened at spenders croft? No so unless you know you can't judge him, he was let off and noone died because of him.. the man died of a fricken heart attack there was more then one man involved and stuart himself was badly injured when this all kicked off this is a different occasion that happened with someone completely different, people fight men fight grow up sick of hearing all this shit, he's been to prison and done time for the shit he done wrong takes more then 1 person to have a barney doesnt it not always the same person who's in the wrong tbh

2023-01-12 16:33:41

Anonymous If the online papers and Essex police are publishing the stuff that goes on in Harlow/ Essex. what do you expect people to think? If it was someone else in court time and time again for fighting. you would have an opinion and it wouldn’t be a nice one. People have a right to feel concerned and to be safe .

2023-01-12 17:34:29

Annie yes concerned but if they have the right facts and to be honest what anonymous is saying he was not charged when the man died as the man had a hear attack there where also three other people involved and Stuart himself was badly injured when leaving the family home. So 2 sides to a story and of course the truth he has not been in front of the judge numerous times just twice and one yes he went to prison but did he injury somebody somebody and of course there are people who have opinions on him and of course become haters with half truths. Read his website about a business he had where people say about him being a nice person and helpful etc.. People make mistakes but to many people judge without being there of having facts.

2023-01-12 21:07:10

Upset.. I’m not talking about the Spencer’s Croft incident. I meant in general people have the right to feel safe. If the same name keeps coming up, people are going to talk and worry. If it was a different name I’m sure anonymous would have an opinion which every one is allowed. That’s what I meant . I can’t comment on the Spencer’s Croft incident I wasn’t there nor any of the other incidents he has been involved in. Iike I said in my original comment if the papers and police put out stories/ statements people are going to believe things then the gossip starts. But that’s with every story. No one will know the truth in any incident, but the people involved. It’s the gossips that need to look at the website, business thing your talking about I’m just making a general comment. I’ve not once bad mouthed this man and have no intention too.

Truth teller
2023-01-12 21:32:54

Stuart Smart seems to be able to assault people left right and centre and his daughter jumps on here claiming he’s done his time, has he? He’s clearly not learned his lesson or does he love shower time in jail? He might have BEEN a nice helpful person once upon a time but that was a LONG time ago. I believe he’s still on bail over the Spencers Croft incident, but I also believe there is no smoke without fire! The judge clearly doesn’t pay much attention to people’s records or he’d be doing more time like he DESERVES! While he’s walking the streets of Harlow no body is safe and they never will be, no matter what his stupid daughter says so “anonymous” just call yourself by the name you were born with, Elise, wake up and smell the coffee, your father is a wrong un accept it and move on!!

2023-01-13 08:52:57

Read the paper he is NOT on Bail for the spencers croft incident anymore so you know the truth ! Read your harlow they report that all 4 people have been released from Bail. Like i said nobody is saying he has not done wrong but people have an tendency to comment when they dont know the full truth. Also just to point out that Elise is not the one who commented so once again you know the truth this is where rumours come from. It seems you want to believe that this man is responsible for all the goes on in harlow . Have you never done anything wrong! .I dont normally comment on this type of thing as i believe it leaves everything open for speculation ,especially if they dont like or get on with the person accused.

2023-01-13 12:36:48

Truth teller, your so truthful that I am not stuarts daughter at all, shower time in jail 🤣 cocky one ain't you, exactly there's no smoke without fire.. so don't instigate something then he won't retaliate na? Learn peace in the world social media and all this drives me up the wall, he's not a wrongen yes things change people I can't say everyone in the world is innocent but to say noone is safe whilst he walks the streets is a bit too far considering he probably fights people that have done something wrong to him? And for your comments my name is Chelsea and you don't need to know how stuart and I know eachother but what you do need to know is calling a 16/17 year old girl stupid who's the bully now? Get out of your keyboard and get on with your life instead of commenting on news reports you sado and no Annie I completely understand where you are coming from but I don't condone people fighting whether it's stuart or someone else but what I previously meant was I don't care for other people's drama if they want to fight then let them it's only them and the law that deal with it there problems everyone else gets on with there life as normal there's no need for it