Council wants to sell huge piece of land near Stansted Airport for housing 

Planning / Sat 14th Jan 2023 at 11:02am

A HUGE parcel of land near Stansted Airport is in line to be developed into potentially hundreds of homes through a sale deal being arranged by Essex County Council.

The council, which owns land at Warren and Parker’s Farm, Little Canfield, is set to enter into an option agreement with Hill Residential Ltd for the sale pending planning permission.

Essex County Council says that in the absence of a five­-year supply of housing land in Uttlesford and with the emerging local plan now expected to be published in the summer of 2023, there is an opportunity for landowners and developers to promote sites, such as this, to contribute to future housing needs.

The site, which is in three separate, but connected and adjacent parcels totalling nearly 32 hectares, is on the boundary of Takeley which is seeing huge growth already.

The land is directly opposite and just yards from where Uttlesford District Council refused permission last month for up to 90 homes on the grounds of their impact on the countryside and listed buildings, as well as the development’s location in the countryside protection zone (CPZ), a protected strip of land in Uttlesford aimed at mitigating the impact of Stansted Airport.

Committee members were advised smell and illegal dumping in the nearby landfill site were not sufficient planning reasons for a refusal.

But it was also suggested by councillors that residents would be over reliant on cars if the plans were approved, and that they would put pressure on local education and health services.

Councillor Maggie Sutton (RfU, Takeley) said: “There is nowhere to go, there are no shops, there is no school, there is nothing. They are there in the middle of nowhere and everybody will use their cars to get to places.”

The number of homes that could be built on the land in the most recent call for sites part of the emerging Uttlesford local plan has not been indicated.

But land owners of two adjacent pieces of land, both at around 88 hectares, believe they are both big enough for 1,000 homes each.

The county council has considered bringing forward the site for a number of years and previously agreed an Option Agreement with Countryside Properties.

This agreement expired in 2018 without a draft allocation having been secured through the previous emerging Local Plan that was scrapped in 2019.

A statement associated with a cabinet decision to go ahead with the option agreement said: “There are no viable alternative service uses that Essex County Council has identified for the Essex County Council land. Leaving the Essex County Council land vacant creates a management and maintenance liability to Essex County Council, with a potential risk of fly tipping, unlawful trespass, or contamination by a third party although it should be noted that this risk will need Option Agreement for land at Warren and Parker’s Farm, Little Canfield to be managed until the proposed option is exercised.

“The proposed consideration for the sale is reflective of a site with the benefit of the necessary planning permissions and will result in a capital receipt for Essex County Council.”

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1 Comment for Council wants to sell huge piece of land near Stansted Airport for housing :

Luke Burton
2023-01-14 12:55:29

The developers will just land-bank it. It will not be turned into housing for decades.

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