Ninety-year-old Hilda campaigns to save local bus service in Harlow

News / Mon 27th Mar 2023 at 10:02am

A NINETY-year-old Harlow resident has been campaigning to retain the bus service that serves the area in which she lives.

Hilda Cook has managed to get 200 signatures of residents who live on or near Tumbler Road, who feel very strongly about the loss of the service.

She met with her two local Bush Fair councillors on Sunday to discuss her concerns and agree on th next steps.

Councillor Kay Morrison said: “Mrs Cook’s campaigning for the retention of the No. 9 bus. Like her, elderly people are in danger of losing their independence, putting their wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical) at risk.

“Those who can’t afford taxis will be isolated.
“Workers, schoolchildren, shoppers will all lose out.

“Mrs Cook, at 90 years of age, is fighting for all those who need public transport and who thought they could depend on their local bus company”.

YH understands that Hilda and the councillors may next present petition to the council.

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8 Comments for Ninety-year-old Hilda campaigns to save local bus service in Harlow:

Peter Henegan
2023-03-27 12:37:16

I have thought for a long time that the bus pass system should he extended to the use of cabs. I am sure that cab firms would jump at the chance for increased income. Naturally, there would be rules eg off peak, minimum numbers per cab, cab multi pick up/drop off points. I also think there should be a contribution to the bus pass, either per annum or per journey to help pay for more buses

Gary Roberts
2023-03-27 13:42:43

Hilda, you are not alone. The issue has been raised with the Potter Street councillors and they have assured me that they would investigate and get back to me. A month on but still no response. Not surprised.

2023-03-27 13:57:09

Please forward petition to Harlow And District Trades Union Council FB.We will get more signitures.

Mark Ingall
2023-03-27 17:42:31

Well said Hilda.

Linda Ross
2023-03-28 08:21:30

Good luck to you, hope you are more successful than we were for Maddox road

Edward Huxtable
2023-03-28 11:45:47

Peter Henegan . Good idea but I am sure the cabbies charges would be extortionate.

Julie griggs
2023-03-28 16:41:53

Well done Auntie Hilda your a star

Peter Henegan
2023-03-28 21:09:37

Mr Huxtable, not if I was negotiating

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