Church Langley: Dispute over high fence in Coalport Close set to go in front of Harlow Council planning committee

Church Langley and Newhall / Mon 10th Apr 2023 at 08:50am

AN APPLICATION for a 1.8 metre high fence in Church Langley is set to go before the Harlow Council planning committee.

Retrospective planning permission is sought for the erection of a 1.8-metre-high fence which is brown and of timber construction.

The new fencing is built along a strip of amenity space that forms part of the private curtilage of the dwellinghouse, measuring approximately 16.59 metres in depth and 2.6 metres in width, and abouts the electric substation wall. It is set 0.15 metres away from the adjacent footpath.

In total, 15 representations were received, of which five were objections and nine were in support for the application.


Highway Safety: The splay line has now gone, it’s been made impossible to see up and down the road and putting children at risk. Also, numbers 218 to 221 can’t get across the footpath safely anymore the front of any vehicle now would be fully on footpath before they could see anything. This also makes it impossible to see on coming vehicles as well.

Residents have had to perform emergency stops due to the cars that are coming out from the cul-de-sac – it is quite obvious that due to the fence they are unable to see the onward traffic. It has created a blind spot to motorists leaving the adjacent cul-de-sac. There is now a danger to life, as motorists have zero view of pedestrians approaching.

Motorists now need to cross the pathway before obtaining sight of pedestrians, at which point, it’s too late.

Representations in Support of the Application

  • The applicant is within their right to make use of this space being as it is their property.
  • –  If the fence was lower, it would leave the property vulnerable to burglary.
  • –  New fencing provides privacy and security for the applicant.
  • –  There is a clear view down the path from which you can see the whole road andtherefore any vehicles or pedestrians in the road. Also the issue regarding parked vehicles over hanging a low curb is of no responsibility of the home owner of 217 this is a matter for the highways agency to install double yellow lines to prevent cars parking there if they feel it is unsafe to do so.

The application is on the Harlow Council planning committee agenda for the Wednesday (April 12th) at 7.30pm.

Go to www.harlow.gov.uk and search for HW/HSE/22/00325 in the planning portal.

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3 Comments for Church Langley: Dispute over high fence in Coalport Close set to go in front of Harlow Council planning committee:

Ray Thackery
2023-04-10 11:29:57

Someone will take offence.

geoff turner
2023-04-11 07:00:18

wow this is real important stuff isn't it i hope the planning committee put everyone they have on it and all there spare time as there aren't any more important things they could be doing is there ?

Beverley Saunders
2023-04-15 15:16:37

Permission has been granted

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