Planning permission for new Nisa shop in Potter Street deferred

Business / Thu 13th Apr 2023 at 03:43pm

A PLANNING application in relation to a new Nisa Local shop in Potter Street has been deferred until June.

A number of local residents as well as the owners of the franchise had turned up to the meeting on Wednesday night hoping for the item to be heard.

But the council’s legal adviser told the meeting that due to a last minute submission from the applicants legal representation, that it was proposed that the meeting be deferred.

The committee agreed.

It is now scheduled to be heard in June.

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10 Comments for Planning permission for new Nisa shop in Potter Street deferred:

2023-04-13 18:02:04

So why is it open and trading today?

Neil Francis Rickards
2023-04-14 09:08:07

This should never be aloud to trade in the first place it has no planning permission and should be closed down and the people fined for ignoring the rules and going ahead without Harlow Planning Dept planes being submitted for this illegal shop

Rudi jahanes
2023-04-14 22:32:19

I am not surprised.because people are there so raicist.everyone single person knows if you’re foreigner in harlow everything is so hard…

Peter Scally
2023-04-15 12:35:28

Law is law, so even if it is permitted to trade after the next meeting the public need to support the existing traders rather than the (at present) illegal one who in just trying his luck.

2023-04-16 18:49:51

4th TIME i’m leaving a comment on here. I don’t understand why my comment has been deleted, FOURTH time now. I’m very much convinced somebody is deleting them on purpose. Regarding the store i’m sure they have a reasonable reason to have gone ahead with what they think is right. I don’t seem to understand the on going issue, i think it’s a convenient store, local for residents aswell. They sell a bunch of great products, ranging from ethnic items, gluten free products and more. My new local for sure, great stuff.

2023-04-16 18:53:06

Visited for the second time today and was struck by the politeness and friendliness of the staff. It's not cheap, but it's not exorbitant by any means. It's well stocked and well laid-out. A one stop shop for everything, managed to do a whole shop and the range and quality was extensive and reasonably priced.

Kate D
2023-04-20 13:42:42

This should never have been deferred. The owners have a blatant disrespect for authority. Despite planning for the illuminated sign being refused, they have gone ahead and put the sign up anyway. The sooner they close, the better.

2023-04-28 18:01:17

I love this store. The staff are so friendly and helpful, they have a load of different products in store. We’ve needed a local like this in Potters for a long time. Love it.

2023-07-05 14:56:57

This store is what potter street needs, has everything you need from a to z, with amazing customer service, all the workers are very polite and welcoming. I don’t understand why people are causing a big fuss about the store.

2023-07-09 14:22:18

As it is evident from the committee convened, the presence of one of the draper sisters, Sue Draper, is the biggest proof of the negative side of the decision. nisa seems to have been a personal matter rather than a market, if any other market other than nisa had been opened there, for example Tesco or sainsbury no one would have heard.